Jack Ryan Season 3: Release Date, Cast And Story Details

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It’s been verified that Jack Ryan season 3 is happening on Amazon Prime Video, but when it releases and exactly what its story will be around is what fans are wondering. After a successful reinvention of the late author Tom Clancy’s iconic American enthusiast, John Krasinski returns as Jack Ryan in season 2. This time, the CIA analyst investigates a puzzle in Venezuela which results in a major political crisis that could have seismic international ramifications.

Jack Ryan season 2 started in late 2019, a whole 15 months after the well-received Jack Ryan season 1 kicked off Amazon Prime Video. The first season introduced Krasinski’s Ryan and revamped versions of his core supporting cast such as James Greer (Wendell Pierce). Back in Jack Ryan season 2, Ryan and Greer are joined by new characters such as Mike November (Michael Kelly), the CIA Station Chief in Venezuela, and Harriet”Harry” Baumann (Noomi Rapace), a German intelligence operative hunting an advantage in South America. Together, they investigate what a mysterious satellite found in the South China Sea along with a dispatch of mining equipment and weapons have to do with the Presidential election in Venezuela.

Jack Ryan’s season 2 is a much better story than season 1, with Ryan pushed by revenge after a devastating loss. The next season also greatly frees up the action and suspense, making the brilliant analyst even more of an action hero than before. So when does Jack Ryan season 3 release? Here’s what we know up to now.

Release Date

Jack Ryan season 3 was announced by Amazon in February 2019 – nine months before the premiere date of Jack Ryan season 2. But, Jack Ryan season 3 has not begun shooting yet. In reality, the spy series only announced a brand new showrunner for season 3: Paul Scheuring will replace Carlton Cuse, who oversaw Jack Ryan seasons 1 and 2. Scheuring created Prison Break to get FOX and that he now takes over the reins of Jack Ryan along with Krasinski, who has a good deal of creative influence over the series as executive producer and major guy.

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Considering that the 15-month gap between Jack Ryan season 1 and 2, it looks like Amazon is in no rush to release the globe-trotting series and enables the creative team the essential time to develop each season. Since production has not mounted Jack Ryan season, no release date was announced. It’s possible fans will not get a second dose of the CIA’s noble hero in 2020 and might have to wait until 2021 for a third go-around with Ryan. A springtime release for Jack Ryan season 3 might seem most likely.


John Krasinski will surely return as Jack Ryan in season 3 but season 2 left some doubts regarding which characters will join him. James Greer stopped Jack Ryan season 2 believing his time in the field was over because of his worsening heart disease; given Greer’s hatred of being relegated to a desk job’, this could mean Wendell Pierce is departing the series. Additionally, it is uncertain whether Mike November or Harry Baumann will return for Jack Ryan season 3 or if brand new personalities will take their place.

Among the biggest shocks of Jack Ryan season 2 was the complete absence of Dr. Cathy Mueller (Abbie Cornish), that, in Tom Clancy’s books and films, is Jack Ryan’s wife. It’s also up in the air whether Abbie Cornish will return in Jack Ryan season 3 or if the series goes in an entirely new direction in its ongoing reinvention of Jack Ryan.

Story Details

The conclusion of Jack Ryan’s experience in Venezuela also left his future wide open. Jack Ryan season 1 pointed to his linking Greer in Moscow – that would have echoed Tom Clancy’s most famous story, The Hunt For Red October – but Jack Ryan season 2 pivoted fully and released the CIA heroes to South America. Jack Ryan season 2 ended with Ryan exposing corruption within the U.S. Senate that shook him it did not signify what the near future (and what Jack Ryan season 3) stays alongside Jack. On the other hand, given the switch in creative teams, this uncertainty is an opportunity for anything to happen in Jack Ryan’s season, which can be an exciting proposal for fans.

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