Is Rio Going To Die In The Money Heist Season 5?

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

The latest season of Money Heist will premiere on Netflix shortly and most of the fans are excited but the sad thing is that the audience is concerned about the life span of Rio. The major question in the minds of lovers is will Rio perish in this season of Money Heist?

The making of the most recent season of Money Heist has reportedly completed its shooting and the viewers are very excited after understanding the news since this is going to be the last of Money Heist.

The cast members shared behind-the-scenes snapshots of shooting, including the Rio celebrity Miguel Herrán. A current photograph has aroused outrage among lovers about the fate of Rio, a lot of whom fear he will perish in the last season.

Is Rio Going To Die In The Money Heist Season 5?

Rio, also recognized as Aníbal Cortés, is one of the current generations of the Money Heist team. He has earned over the emotions of fans within the last four seasons of Money Heist, especially after his relationship with a partner Toyko (played by Úrsula Corberó).

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Miguel Herrán recently submitted a behind-the-scenes image of him on the show since Rio and the followers are concerned that things would not end well for the favourite character.

Money Heist Season 5

From the frame, Herrán is in a changing room half-dressed in the sign of the Currency Heist red bodysuit. However, it’s the wounds and blood on Herrán that are increasing alarm. He also added a song to the Instagram story update, picking out the End By The Doors, which sparked eyebrows among audiences.

In the fifth season, the gang will be implementing the greatest heist at the Bank of Spain thus far. The song title”The End” could be a reference to the fact that Emmy’s winning play ends in part 5, or that he may be referring to his end from the app. On the flip side, the choice of the song could result in the dark end of the role, Rio.

As we watched the show from the very start, the death of Rio in the previous season will not wonder because of the last deaths of the major characters, so there a great chance for the death of Rio in the last season of Money Heist.

For eg, Nairobi (Alba Flores), Berlin (Pedro Alonso), Oslo (Roberto García Ruiz), and Moscow (Paco Tous) had all come to an early demise during the heist, and Rio may be adjacent.

To attract more fuel to the flames, Herrán made a close-up on himself as Rio in October 2020 while shooting the Money Heist season 5 was ongoing.

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