iPhone 13 1Tb storage may be the option in the upcoming iPhone 2021 series

iphone 13 1tb storage

Analysts at Wedbush today said that supply chain checks imply that the next-generation iPhone lineup, colloquially referred to as iPhone 13, will feature a 1 TB high-end storage option for the very first time. The current iPhone 12 maxes out at 512 GB capacity.

The financial analysts remain optimistic that Apple iPhone sales will continue to be strong through this year as part of the post-pandemic reopening environment’ since COVID vaccine rollouts continue globally.

iphone 13 1tb storage

Front Page Tech formerly reported that the next-generation iPhone 13 lineup could feature a 1 TB storage option in January. As far as iOS devices are involved, Apple has currently only provided 1 TB of storage on its own high-end iPad Professional tablets.

In the context of the wider smartphone market, the iPhone has lagged somewhat behind here. For instance, smartphone competitor Samsung began offering 1 TB smartphones with the Galaxy S10 series nearly a couple of years back.

iphone 13 1tb storage


The iPhone 13 lineup with improved 5G bands is expected to launch this autumn, although we still don’t know much about the device’s specifications. There have been persistent rumours about the return of Touch ID and 120Hz high-refresh speed screens but nothing particularly concrete.

Until the initiation of the iPhone 13 in the autumn, Wedbush analysts remain bullish about the iPhone 12 sales performance, after Apple’s blow-out $110 billion holiday quarter. The firm estimates around 62 million iPhone 11 units for the March quarter and around 40 million for its June quarter. The analysts compare the success to the record iPhone 6 revenue cycle of 2014.

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