iPhone 13 leaked specs and rumors, Why iPhone 13 is trending on Twitter!

MD Sahan
MD Sahan

Let’s talk about iPhone 13.

According to Forbes Apple’s massive iPhone 13 upgrade suddenly confirmed that it is not confirmed by apple this is just leaked this is normal. if you follow the iPhone leaks and rumours for years you guys understand that this is a normal regular time in February march we tend to see the next-generation iPhones and start seeing the leaks and these crazy rumours.

You know it’s gotten a little annoying lately overusing the word “confirmed” on Twitter yesterday iPhone 13 trending for almost no reason but you kind of see this every once in a while as the iPhone will just trend because people see the name of the new one and they think it just came out because it’s trending on Twitter.

iphone 13

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Nothing about the iPhone 13 is confirmed nothing is confirmed until Apple goes on stage in September like they always do and announces and shows what the new iPhone 13 is until then nothing is actually confirmed. The pro-motion display we were expecting to come to the iPhone 12.

But it just didn’t make it to reality and that’s due to the fact of the battery life 120Hz refresh rate is like the way how everything moves when you’re scrolling through web pages and pinching the zoom.

iphone 13

The reason why Apple couldn’t put it on the iphone12 was because of the battery life. Especially if you have 5g and that Promotion display, It’s going to chew through the battery even faster. So, I guess Apple feel like 5G was more important than actually having 120Hz.

The A15 Bionic chip

Apple totally kicks ass when it comes down to the processing power look what they doing with the MacBooks and the Mac lineup. so now we’re getting down to 5nM, Apple just raising the bar yet again as they always do.

Apple is going to be incorporating a vapour system in the iPhone so it’s going to keep your iPhone cooler than ever before.

Touch id

I think this is a big deal, especially we’re living in those times where we have to wear a mask in the public. so having a touch id on an iPhone will just be essential. so having it embedded into the display would be ideal but if they could put it on the side button that would be pretty good.

iphone 13

8k video could be a highlight feature

So recording 8k video on the iPhone 13 could be a thing or maybe apple could just take some time off of it and just probably raise up the frame rate with 4k we don’t know yet but I know 8k isn’t really prime time just yet. it’s kind of like 5g you know 5g is not mature yet but down the road is going to mature. same thing with 8k we’ve been hearing this since pretty much the iPhone 11.

Apple is going to be drinking a notch apple’s going to be trunking the notch. I think Apple is going to hold off on the notch until they can remove it all together have a face id embed it underneath the display have under camera displays and visible cameras. We’ve seen that technology now but it’s not we gotta wait for it to mature but it’s definitely a chance that they can make the notch smaller in height.

iphone 13

The Astrophotography will able to take pictures of the moon or the stars in the sky we’re also going to see some improvements to the ultra-wide. So we’re going to have a 1.8f aperture and currently, right now we have a 2.4f aperture.

Basically, we’re going to have better cameras overall camera improvements on the iPhone 13.

One terabyte iPhone could be a thing now the price on that is gonna be savage but honestly, it’s good to have that option especially with the iPhones not be able to expand the memory and the iPhone’s lasting way more than androids it might be very important for you to have one terabyte.

Portless iPhone

Now Apple could be removing the lightning port on the iPhones and having nothing so the only way you could charge your iPhone is through the MagSafe or wireless charging in case. But it’s kind of slow with charging speeds it’s pretty slow and hopefully, we’ll see some improvements.

iphone 13

Apple going to come up with a MagSafe transfer and data. Removing the port will improve the water-resistance and all that stuff but it’s not necessary just like how we removed the headphone jack it wasn’t necessary the lightning port leave it alone would love to have type c and call it a day but that’s not gonna happen but MagSafe we’re gonna have stronger magnetics on the back.

so the magnetic on the MagSafe now it’s not as strong but it could be stronger apple is going to be improving the magnetic on the MagSafe. Now it’s going to be interesting to see how apple’s going to do it.

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