Innovation Unleashed: meet Ankit and Anmol Sachdeva, the Visionaries of TAS world


Innovation is the pathway to progress. Architecture is more than the materials that are used but the forms that are developed. It is the unique structures of history that have withstood the test of time and built an indelible legacy for humanity. To do the same in contemporary times, two brothers, one with a passion for architecture and one with real estate development, decided to collaborate to create a powerful combo. The fruits of their collaboration resulted in the establishment of TAS World, an innovative organization that unleashes the boundaries of creativity as the best architect and best interior designer in Delhi. Let’s understand more about the Visionaries of Tas World: the two brothers, Ankit and Anmol Sachdeva.

Anmol Sachdeva is on the rise towards becoming the best architect in Delhi and is responsible for designing the projects and ensuring that the quality standards they have set for their projects are met. Incorporating sustainability in his design practices, he maintains an air of uniqueness in each design he creates for his clients. Rather than just playing with materials or building a mere building, the architect aspires to develop innovative and visionary homes that are enjoyed by their inhabitants and passersby walking through.


TAS World is an organization that is the brainchild of two visionaries: architect Anmol Sachdeva and real estate developer Ankit Sachdeva. Their combined passions for the field of construction and design have allowed them to establish themselves as among the top construction and design companies in Delhi. Architecture and interior design are two fields that are within the same fields yet entirely different processes. However, to provide many services within one spectrum, the brothers began their venture with TAS World making it the best architect and best interior designer in Delhi.

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Aspiring to become the best real estate developer in Delhi, Ankit Sachdeva is the man who manages the construction aspect of each building. He ensures that with every project he undertakes, he leaves the mark of TAS World in it. Using the latest technology and sustainable materials and incorporating sustainable practices in the construction process, Ankit Sachdeva is slowly earning himself a reputation as the best real estate developer in Delhi. With their experience in creating and designing homes, the two brothers aspire to provide a comfortable and luxurious experience for each client who approaches them. Keeping the future of the world in mind and the client’s comfort, the two brothers diligently combine sustainability in their method of working and ensure a speedy and smooth construction process.


Innovation requires creativity and no bounds. At TAS World, there are no limits to creativity and the ideas that one can bring up. In a world that is rapidly losing sight of invention, TAS World is on its journey to push the boundaries of innovation in the realm of construction and design making it the best architect and best interior designer firm in Delhi. The best part about choosing TAS World for building your home is that any services that you require will all be available in the same building. You no longer need to contact various organizations and have confusion about who’s fulfilling which part of your house for you. Instead, with TAS World, you can rest assured that an empty plot you bought will be developed into an exquisite home for your living.


So, if you’re in search of a company that is skilled in the art of developing homes, then TAS World is the right place for you. Their dedication to perfection and authenticity will work best for your dreams and aspirations of building your home.


Developed by the two brothers, Anmol and Ankit Sachdeva, the company aims to stand as a testament to building beautifully exquisite homes for you! At TAS World, you are promised to receive more than just a mere building, but a home that will stand for generations to come.



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