Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Did we understand every plot point, cockney dialogue expression, or financial term in HBO’s ‘Industry’ season 1? No, we didn’t. Did we enjoy it? Um, does a forex options trader hedge long exposure by selling spot when it rises? The answer is yes, newbie. Now pick up our order for salads.

‘Industry’ combined all the schadenfreude hazing of ‘Suits’ with the frenzied ecstasy of ‘Euphoria’. The result: an exaggeration of the ambition of 20-year-olds to work and play hard, and a serious look at the consequences of compromising moral values ​​for professional gain. Yes, we might think that a series about ruthless children with all the kind people around them is not worth it, but the series ended with some truly satisfying bombs. It turns out that working as a financial trader is not a wonderful thing after all. (Except for Harper’s penthouse hotel room. Damn, that sight is worth a stab in the throat.)

Unfortunately, the series ended in December, so we are on hold. Fortunately, that gives us time to catch up in terms of the market. This is what HBO has planned for the future of ‘Industry’.

With such claims, and lack of an official announcement, it seems certain that we will return to London for a second season.

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We may have to wait a bit. It is not yet known when filming for season 2 will begin, however as the first season was shot in London, filming is likely to be delayed due to city-imposed COVID-19 restrictions. Season 1 premiered in November 2020, but was filmed before the global pandemic.

We can keep our fingers crossed for a season 2 premiere in fall 2021, though it is more likely to arrive in 2022. (Unless’ Industry ‘adopts’ Euphoria’s minimalist filming techniques).

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