Indian cricketer Rishabh Pant seriously injured in car accident

Rishabh Pant seriously injured in car accident

Rishabh Pant, the talented Indian cricketer, got a serious injury in a car accident on the Delhi-Haridwar highway in the early hours this morning. Pant was reportedly driving a Mercedes GLE from Delhi to Roorkee when the vehicle collided with a divider at approximately 5.30 am near Narshan, a place roughly 90 km from Dehradun. The car then flipped several times before catching fire.

Locals rush to aid injured Rishabh Pant

Upon arriving at the scene of the accident, local bystanders were quick to take action. They rushed to the site and worked to rescue Pant from the burning vehicle. Once they had successfully extricated him, they transported him to the nearest hospital for medical treatment.

Pant sustained injuries to his forehead. He also has injuries in his right knee, and hand in the accident. Despite these injuries, he is reportedly conscious and able to communicate with medical professionals.

The car involved in the accident was completely engulfed in flames. It is unclear at this time whether the airbag was deployed. However, Pant was fortunate to survive the incident and is receiving medical attention for his injuries.

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Police speculate sleeping was the cause of the accident

According to a police officer, it is possible that Pant may have fallen asleep while driving, as there was no fog present at the time of the accident. This theory is mere assumption though, and the cause of the incident is still under investigation.

Pant sustained injuries to his left elbow and right knee, as well as bruises on his back, in the mishap. Most likely these injuries are the consequence of the impact of the collision and the subsequent fire.

The charred remains of the car are under the examination of investigators to determine the cause of the accident. It is not yet clear whether the airbag deployed during the incident, as the car was completely destroyed in the fire.


The management of Max Hospital in Dehradun has announced that a team of doctors is currently evaluating Pant for any internal injuries. Ashish Yagnik, The Medical Superintendent at Max Hospital stated that the evaluation will determine the severity of Pant’s injuries and the necessary treatment. A comprehensive medical bulletin will follow in due course.

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