Indian Air Force Day Parade in Chandigarh : gets new combat uniform

Indian Air Force Day

At the Air Force Day parade in Chandigarh on Saturday, Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari. Recently he  announced the Indian Air Force’s (IAF) new battle uniform design.  In the world of tech the digital pattern battle uniform includes innovative patterns for boots. Including a combat T-shirt, a web belt, and hats and turbans. It was created with consideration for the industrial practitioners of the IAF.

The procession included seven IAF servicemen clad in the IAF’s new battle uniform. The IAF has adopted the combat T-shirt for the first time. Meanwhile, Air Chief Marshal Chaudhari revealed that the government has authorized. They already started establishment of a new weapon systems section for the Indian Air Force. He said that this was the first time since independence that the IAF had established a new operational branch.

New Comat Uniform

Here’s a peek at the Indian Air Force’s new battle outfit

This will primarily be for staffing four specialized streams, including operators of weapon systems in twin and multi-crew aircraft, Surface to Surface missiles, Surface to Air missiles, and remotely piloted aircraft. In his speech at the Air Force Day parade, he continued, “creating this branch will result in savings of about Rs 3400 crores due to reduced cost on flying training.

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We have modified our operational training system to guarantee that each Agniveer has the necessary skills and knowledge to begin their career in the Air Force. We want to induct 3,000 Agniveer Vayu for their initial training in December of this year. This figure will only rise in the coming years to ensure enough personnel.

According to Air Chief Marshal Chaudhari, while the Agnipath scheme’s induction of airmen into the IAF is a challenge. It also presents a chance to harness the young of India’s potential and direct it toward the service of the country.

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