‘The world should be ready for a long war’, 28 countries including US-UK will send weapons to Ukraine, US aircraft seen in Romania – ‘The world should be ready for a long war’, 28 countries including US-UK will send weapons to Ukraine, American aircraft seen in Romania

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

Kiev: Things are changing everywhere in Ukraine. The Russian army is firing shells on the cities of Ukraine for the third day today. Russian aircraft made two explosions in Notop. It is feared that Russia may attack Kharkiv airport as well. Russian forces have entered Kharkiv and the capital Kiev. The common people there have come down with guns in their hands. Street fight is going on on the street. Meanwhile, three US Air Force aircraft were seen flying Romania airspace today. These planes have flown for more than three hours.

28 countries came forward to help Ukraine

Ukrainian President Zelensky claimed that a total of 28 countries, including Britain and the US, have come forward to help Ukraine and that these countries will give arms to confront Russia. In view of the circumstances before this, the US announced $ 600 million in security assistance to Ukraine to fight Russia. To help Ukraine, the Netherlands will send 200 anti-aircraft missiles there.

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Earlier Ukraine’s Foreign Minister, Dmitro Kuleba, said that missiles that hit Kiev this morning hit an apartment building. “Kiev, our beautiful, peaceful city, has spent another night under attack from Russian ground forces and missiles,” Kuleba said.

“One of them hit an apartment building in Kiev. I demand the complete isolation of the Russian Federation from the world. Expel the ambassadors. oil ban. Destroy the Russian economy. Stop the war criminals of the Russian Federation!”

Russia preparing to capture Kiev

A major attack was carried out on Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. The blast caused major damage to several residential buildings. Meanwhile, Russia also captured the city of Melitopol. At the same time, Ukraine claimed to have killed 3,500 Russian soldiers, 02 tanks, 14 aircraft, and 8 helicopters. Russia claims it has destroyed 800 Ukrainian military bases. These include 14 military airfields, 19 command posts, 24 S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems, and 48 radar stations.


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