In winter hair becomes knotted – Why and how to Prevent ?

Winter is perhaps the harshest season. It can be harsh for your hairs as well. Know Why?

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

The environment causes new skin and hair care concerns every season. Winter is perhaps the harshest season. We may already be experiencing winter beauty blues as Mother Nature prepares for the cold weather season, thanks to frigid temperatures and drier-than-usual climates. One particular thing we’ve noticed is that our hair always seems to get extra-knotted in the winter.

Why Does Hair Become More Knotted?

The moisture in our complexions and hair tends to evaporate in cold, dry climates during the winter season, just like it does in our skin. Hair is comparable to a sponge. It is designed to absorb water and other toxins from the environment, but it is also susceptible to moisture loss.

Keeping our hair moisturized protects its health and elasticity. They’re soft, supple, and adaptable. They can become hard, dry, and cracked if they are not nourished and are left to the elements. The cuticle layer of cells no longer lays flat in the winter as the hair becomes more dehydrated, damaged, and brittle.

This results in rough, raised cells that harden into hard scales and protrude along the hair shaft, causing it to become more damaged and porous. The more damaged and porous the scales, the more likely they will connect and form tangles. Also read 5 Things to Avoid If Your Hair Is Thinning

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How to Avoid Knotted Hair

There are ways to keep your hair from tangling this season, and it requires a lot of moisture. Begin by combing through your hair with a moisture-rich conditioner. Then, rinse with cold water to help the cuticle close. Sleeping with damp hair frequently results in unnecessary tangles, so dry hair before bed.

A pH-balancing spray containing apple cider vinegar is another option for keeping hair hydrated and moisture balanced. This flattens the cuticle and removes the tangle-causing broken surfaces. Brushing your hair is another way to keep tangles at bay. On dry hair, use a natural boar bristle brush.

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Winter and Hair Dryness

If your hair is naturally prone to dryness, incorporate a leave-in conditioner into your regimen as well as the above precautions to soften the cuticle and make it more pliable. To avoid knotted hair when wearing a beanie or scarf, brush your hair thoroughly before accessorizing. When wearing a scarf, keep your hair in a ponytail or bun and sweep it away from your neck.

However, if you want to wear a beanie and scarf, braiding your hair will suffice. When wearing a beanie, make sure it doesn’t sit too low on your neck and instead grazes the tops of your ears, as pinning the hair to your neck can increase the chances of knots forming.

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