Implementing Digital Marketing To Help Businesses In Peril: Pankaj Goswami And Ankit Singh

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Pankaj Goswami And Ankit Singh

“Mediocre marketers think in terms of campaigns. Great marketers think in terms of growth frameworks.” –Neil Patel, Marketing Expert

Ever since the inception of covid-19 and the nationwide lockdown, businesses are in a continuous state of peril. The economy has come to a screeching halt, and there are very few hopes of reviving it back to the original state. When physical channels of business closed down, the enigmatic industry of digital marketing ensured that the wheels were in motion. The digital marketing savants in highlight today are Mr. Ankit Singh and Mr. Pankaj Goswami, who are implementing digital marketing campaigns to boost the sales of many troubled businesses. They have come a long way from finding a career in digital marketing to leveraging it as a weapon to tackle the challenges emerging due to covid-19.

Mr. Pankaj Goswami is a proficient digital marketer who has catapulted many businesses from nothing to a dominant brand in the digital space. His strategies came in handy amid the pandemic when many businesses were forced to shut shop. He explains his success in a modest manner. He says, “I know the hidden potential of digital marketing strategies and its impact on businesses. While no tier-one companies are untouched by the idea, small businesses still struggle with it. Small businesses have a misconception of digital marketing as a misleading strategy to extract money from the. On the contrary, it bolsters their revenue and helps them achieve success with each of their products. I have partnered with numerous small-scale businesses in the lockdown period and helped them to continue their operations by employing physical and digital strategies where they seem fit. 

I agree that not all physical activities can be replaced, but tackling the sales and marketing part digitally, helps a lot. Owing to my custom campaign, a brand could successfully launch their product even amid the tumultuous times and generated a significant growth over the past six months.”

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Another prominent example of using digital marketing tactics is Mr. Ankit Singh, who single-handedly steered a clothing brand towards success. He elaborates on his projects and says, “A very close client of mine wanted to start a clothing brand in the fall of 2019. We had gathered the physical resources by the year-end but faced an abrupt halt when the pandemic arrived. Since nobody could visit our physical store and make a purchase, I advised him to deploy a digital marketing strategy for his new venture. It was very tough to land presence on the digital spectrum, especially when every brand was trying the same.”

Initially, the digital marketing services may appear like a sham, but as time passes and engagement increases, you become baffled by its results. Mr. Ankit Singh adds, “The initial response is always slow because I aim for organic growth. I don’t believe in a bot audience that visits and vanishes over time. I created illustrative landing pages that persuaded the visitors to become recurring customers. It took some time, but my client’s business is not running in full swing, thanks to digital marketing. He has become a firm believer in the industry and swears by its efficacy. It is imperative to note that it is advisable to curate a new strategy each time. It takes longer but is effective too.”

Both Mr. Ankit Singh and Mr. Pankaj Goswami  are expert in Google Analytics, Facebook ads, SEO & website traffic management. With their self learning capabilities and dedication they both manage to grab over 30 Million traffic on facebook and about 14 Million traffic on instagram. They have clinched all this on his own and proven that age is just a number and that it takes passion for attaining massive success. 

These enigmatic marketers have bolstered the economic growth of small-scale businesses and the country as well. It is commendable how much digital marketing has seeped into the marketing game and has outshined other approaches to sales.

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