Imlie 16th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Chini’s Plan To Stay At Rana House, Imlie 16th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Imlie asks Devika to look after Atharva while he runs behind goons. A thug throws a knife at her. Chini steps in and holds the knife to her arm. Atharva rushes over to her, concerned, and removes the knife from her hand. Chini begins to cry. Atharva requests that her cousin call an ambulance. Cousins’ phone network is down. According to Divya, the fraud priest and his goons must have installed network jammers.

Imlie is accused by Shavani of calling a fake priest and his goons. Imlie claims she double-checked everything before calling a priest, but what can she do when even her closest friends betray her? Akash reports that goons have stolen all of the cars.

Imlie questions Chini Written Update

Chini and Atharva exchange glances. Imlie questions Chini about why she interfered and risked her life. Chini believes she is interfering with her relationship with Atharva and attempting to take Atharva away from her. She claims to have saved her sister. Atharva tries to assist Chini in standing up. Chini claims she has a sprained leg. Atharva picks her up and leads her to a room.

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Rudra returns home and is taken aback by what he sees. Chini gives Rudra a friendly smile. Rudra informs Devika that Chini’s grin revealed that she was accompanied by goons and trouble. He describes what Chini must have done. Imlie sobs as she tends to Chini’s wound. According to Atharva’s cousin, bhabhi is crying more than Chini didi. Imlie has stated that she will not let Chini go until she is well.

Rudra calls and tells her that Chini cannot stay here. Imlie claims she wants to look after her sister. Chini, according to Rudra, requires not only care but also medical treatment; she can stay at Rathore House, where Sundar, Arpita, and Rupali can look after her. Devika supports Rudra.

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