IIT engineers are not joining ISRO because of salary

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

IITians ‘Don’t Want To Join ISRO,’ Says Chief Somanath; Netizens Believe ‘CTC Is The Key Factor.’ Dr. S. Somanath, the chief of ISRO, stated in a recent TV interview with Wion that less than 1% of ISRO’s staff are from IITs. Despite the fact that many IIT graduates head significant corporations and have high-ranking positions, just a small percentage of them work at ISRO.

“IITs are expected to produce the best talent in our country, particularly in engineering.” They are, however, not choosing to work at ISRO. “When we try to recruit from IIT, no one is interested,” said Dr. S. Somanath, the head of ISR Organisation. He also stated that ISRO is not attracting elite talent, with fewer than 1% of ISRO’s personnel.

The main reason why IIT students decline to join ISRO is the remuneration

Engineers with IIT degrees should be the finest at ISRO. However, S. Somanath regrettably stated in this interview that if he travels to the IIT campus for the interview, no one will come to join the job. S. Somanath stated in this interview that only a very limited percentage of people from IITs join ISRO in space research. Claiming that the figure is less than 1%.

According to S. Somanath, the main reason why IIT students decline to join ISRO is the remuneration. Even if the students who attend the interview give a strong proposal in front of everyone, they may not receive the promised wage at ISRO.

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The average annual salary (CTC) of IIT Bombay College students chosen in this year’s campus interview is Rs 21.8 lakh. Similarly, approximately 16 employees have been hired this year with salaries above Rs.1 crore. Engineers at Indian Space Research Organization, on the other hand, earn between Rs 37,400 and Rs 67,000 per month. Senior scientists receive between Rs 75,000 and Rs 80,000 per month. While ISRO’s top scientists earn Rs 2 lakh per month. Top scientists are paid Rs. 1,82,000, while H Division Engineers are paid up to Rs. 1,44,000. Based on his expertise and advancement, P Weeramuthuvel, the Project Director of Chandrayaan 3, will earn between Rs 3 lakh and Rs 4 lakh per month.

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