If Are Looking For News And Updates On You Season 3 Premiering On Netflix?

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

Hello, You Lovers! If are looking for news and updates on You season 3 premiering on Netflix, we are sad to inform you that it will not be happening in April 2021.

The anticipation is truly getting to us all at this point. You season 2 didn’t necessarily end things with replies. If anything, we have more questions than ever! Let’s begin with the mysterious woman who’s that?

Well, we won’t be studying the woman’s (presumably Joe’s next victim) individuality in the month of April since Netflix has revealed its upcoming content of the new movie and TV releases for April 2021, and You season 3 is nowhere to be found on the list.

Unlike Joe, let us look on the bright side here: We are one month closer to its premiere! We are aware that COVID-19 delayed production for the next season, however, filming has since stopped.

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Production on the upcoming season picked up on November 2020, but that does not mean that the job to get everything wrapped and done will be quick. We need brilliant work, after all, right? And all fantastic things take some time.

You Season 3 Release Date

Regrettably, we might have the future. If filming is still occurring, that merely means that production, edits, and maybe reshoots are following.

Here at Netflix Life, we’re putting our money on a fall 2021 release. This implies late September, possibly early October are our best guesses.

You do work and feel best as a fall season release; it just goes with Joe’s vibe.

Last month, one fan also called a November 2021 release date for its new episodes using a cool fan poster. Now, beautiful poster, but let us not put any energy into that date! We want Joe back sooner than later!

If You season 3 does not premiere in early autumn 2021, though, we may have to begin getting used to the idea that it won’t fall until the final weeks of 2021. We will make certain to keep you posted!

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