How To Make Besan-Haldi Ubtan

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How To Make Besan-Haldi Ubtan

Clean and clear skin is the desire of everyone. For this, you buy many expensive beauty products or spend a lot of money by going to the parlor. But do you know that there are many such things in your kitchen, using which you can get beautiful and attractive skin. That’s why today we have brought for you the method of making and using gram flour-turmeric paste. In Ayurveda, turmeric is considered a herb to improve the complexion of the skin. Using this ubtan helps to remove the dead skin from your face as well as it also removes the blemishes from your face. This brings an instant glow on your face, so let’s know the method of making and applying gram flour-turmeric paste-

Ingredients for making Besan-Turmeric Ubtan-

-Gram flour

– raw milk or cooked

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Olive oil or ghee or coconut oil 2 drops

Rice flour (half teaspoon)

Method to make Besan-Turmeric Ubtan-

To make this, put a little gram flour in a bowl.

After this, you add a pinch of turmeric, rice flour and a little milk to it.

Then you mix all these things well and make a thick paste.

After this, you add two drops of coconut oil or ghee or olive oil to it and mix.

Then you add a little lemon juice to this paste after about 5 minutes and mix it well.

After this, you apply this paste on your face and leave it for about 20 minutes.

Then you rub it circularly on the face like a scrub.

After this, when all the paste is left after rubbing, then you wash the face with water.

Then when the face is slightly wet, then you apply any moisturizer.

This will give you clean, clear and glowing skin.


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