How to Darken Your Beard: 6 Grooming Tips for Men

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

If you have a light-colored beard and want to give the appearance of a fuller, thicker beard, simply darken the beard. It’s easy to see why this works so well. Those with darker beards tend to have fewer visible gaps than those with lighter beards, giving the appearance of a thicker and fuller beard despite having roughly the same amount of facial hair. So, let’s look at how you can darken your beard to give it the appearance of being fuller and thicker.

6 Beard Grooming Tips to Get a Darker Beard

  • Apply Beard Oil on a Daily Basis
  • Separate the Hair Follicles
  • Don’t Allow Your Beard to Dry Out
  • Wear Darker Clothes and Make Use of Beard Styling Products
  • How to Shape and Style Your Beard
  • Grow Your Beard Out Limit Sun Exposure

Use Beard Oil on a daily basis-

men beard oil

Using beard oil is something that every man with a beard should do. It has a slew of advantages, including keeping your beard hair strong, keeping your skin supple, and leaving you smelling fantastic. Of course, moisturizing your beard with oil, like dampening your hair, results in a darker appearance. You might even want to invest in a beard-darkening oil. In either case, we recommend investing in high-quality oil. If you’re looking for a specific brand, we recommend checking out the Beard brand line, as they produce really high-quality beard oil.

Don’t Allow Your Beard to Dry Out-

This relates to the first point as well as the sixth. The main goal in caring for a beard is to keep it from becoming scraggly and wiry. This means that the beard is getting plenty of moisture, including from beard oil.

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You also want to avoid drying out your beard due to excessive heat exposure. This typically manifests as men using a hair dryer or, worse, a hair straightener on their beard.

Dress in Dark Clothes-

men dress in black

Wearing a black or dark grey top, rather than a light-colored or white T-shirt, is another great way to achieve the appearance of a darker beard. Of course, it won’t actually darken the beard. However, when someone looks at you, the gaps between your beard will be less visible.

A white or light top, on the other hand, draws attention to the gaps in the beard, making it appear thin and light especially if light is shining on you and the color reflects A darker color will blend the gaps and make them more difficult to see at first glance.

Color Your Beard-

Of course, dyeing your beard is the most effective method for darkening it. However, I would like to express caution about this method because the results can be disappointing if not carried out correctly.

Although darker, the beard can appear unnatural, as if you’re wearing a beard wig. Invest in a high-quality product, such as natural henna beard dye. You might even want to consider hiring a professional to do it first, then practicing at home.

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