How 6 years of love broke in just 6 days, MR.Dope told the truth

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

In the new music video of Mr.Dope, you will get to see how a 6 year old love broke up in just 6 days, the video is also being liked a lot on YouTube.

The new video of Mr Dope 6 years from Hardik Studios has been released. Neha Bhandari is seen in the main character in the video, before that Neha Bhandari has been seen in many music videos. The pairing of Neha and Dope is being well-liked in the music video.

When we talked to Mr. Dope about the script of the video, he told that this song is inspired by his love story. The video shows how a 6-year-old love story was shot in a minute by Dope’s girlfriend.

Let us tell you that this song has been written by Saab Sagar and composed by Mr Dope as well as Mix Master has also been done by Dope. The video is produced by Jass Panwar and Nitin Negi of Hardik Studios

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