Hit and Run: plot, cast and release date

Insha Fatima
Insha Fatima
Hit and Run

On the 6th of August this year, Netflix released an intense drama series to binge over the weekend. The series will send you on a thrilling ride of suspense, action, twists, and turns. We are talking about the brand new series – Hit and Run. The Israeli thriller is served by the same creators of the famous television series of the same genre – FAUDA which is rated 8.2 on IMDB!

Does the show matches the reviews of FAUDA and is it stream-worthy?

Let’s find out! Here is a spoiler-free plot of the show to give you an idea of what to expect.

The series consists of 9 episodes, all released at once, each episode with a duration of 45-60 minutes. Mind you that this is NOT a show to watch with your family as it contains scenes involving violence and nudity. You should be of legal age to watch it.

Now having this information let’s move to the plot of the series…

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The Plot: 

The story revolves around Segev Azulai and his happy family of three- him, his American wife Danielle and their daughter Ella. Segev works as a tour guide, and Danielle is a dancer. In the first episode, we see Danielle getting a call for an audition from a renowned dance studio in New York.

 Everything seems fine in this lovely family like any other normal one until Danielle meets a car accident on her way to the airport for her flight to New York. What seems to be a case of Hit and Run devastates the husband and the daughter.

But there is more to it than just a car accident. Segev finds out that it was a preplanned murder and the fact fills him with rage and vengeance. Thus begins his quest to find out the culprits of his wife and his family. Daughter Ella is taken under the custody of his ex-wife Naomi and both of them help him unravel the truth about the case.

Segev does everything manly possible to get justice. In the process, he meets with some uncomfortable truths about his wife Danielle, which shakes him to his core beliefs. He starts questioning whether it’s worth unraveling the truth as it starts costing him everything.

Each episode ends with a shocking twist giving a whole new angle to whatever happened till now.

Season 1 end with another shocking devastation to Segev and YES! The show creators are planning for season 2 to decode the mystery behind the 1st season.



About the Cast:-

In the series, we experience some great performances by the actors. The realistic acting by each one of them forces you to empathize with the same range of emotions they are going through. Hit and Run plot and everything are in the article, please go through.

The significant characters are played by:-

  • Lior Raz as Segev Azulai
  • Kaelen Ohm as Danielle Wexler Azulai
  • Neta Orbach as Ella
  • Sanaa Lathan as Naomi Hicks
  • Moran Rosenblatt as Tali Shapira
  • Gregg Henry as Max Heckler
  • Lior Ashkenazi as Assaf
  • Gal Toren as Ron Harel


The show Hit and Run is an action-filled thriller drama but a slow-paced series. Although each episode ends with some interesting angles, they may seem a bit too long for those who love the thrill in every few minutes.

Music and Action sequences are great, showcasing their great production quality. As said above, you will definitely find the well-written characters relatable to an extent and will form a deep connection with them emotionally.

The show is dubbed in English and Hindi. But you’ll get long sequences in Hebrew, the subtitles for which are available in English but not in Hindi. Overall the series is worth binging as a slow-burn crime thriller, especially for its great storyline and marvelous performances by the actors.

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