Alia Bhatt, Shefali Shah & Vijay Varma Starrer ‘Darlings’ Is a Hit

Insha Fatima
Insha Fatima

The movie delivers a great message in an unconventional way, but we do believe it’s a little long. Keep reading, no spoilers ahead.

Welcomes, in a typical ‘Darlings’ lingo. as observed in the trailer the film is centered on bringing to notice the ‘domestic violence faced by women and how it’s not normal. To begin with, Alia Bhatt & Shefali shah is winning hearts as the on-screen mother-daughter duo and Vijay Varma like always has given an impeccable performance. While delivering such a serious message, they haven’t gone with a conventional way, but choose to make it witty.

The story revolves around a couple Badru and Hamza. After being in love with each other, one fine day they decide to get married. Three years into the marriage the horror begins, Hamza also an alcoholic, is a wife beater and would daily assault Badru on silly matters. With the hope of “yeh Ek din Badal Jayenge” Badru doesn’t want to do anything and continues to live in this hope, despite her mother Shamshu (played by Shefali Shah) being against all of it.

Hamza is portrayed as a true manipulator who after hitting at night makes sure to apologize in the morning by making all fake promises and sweet-talking about love. This routine continues for some time; until one fine day, she decides to not suffer anymore. On the other hand, Alia Bhatt as Badru is delivering another award-winning performance. Her character is relatable to every woman who is a victim of domestic violence, the fear of being judged by society is not there; but the hope that her lover would for the sake of their future relationship would change is presented impeccably. Shefali Shah is an underrated actor who deserves more appreciation, and her character as Shamshu is mind-blowing. She can’t see her daughter hurting but would let her take her own decisions. The entire movie is written beautifully, the dialogues are fleshed out and bring out the characters.

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Roshan Mathew playing Zulfi is adorable, every scene with him is truly entertaining. The music is witty and will make you smile. Our favorite part is the lesson that Badru teaches Hamza, and of course the lingo, we are hooked to it and have been communicating the same way ever since.

It does get a little repetitive with the routine of Hamza beating Badru every night, but the makers haven’t shown any scenes of domestic violence. We also belied it was starched a bit and could have a better climax, but nobody would have hands down had the power to deliver the message “a big no to domestic violence” in a more applaudable way.

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