Harley Quinn Was Renewed For A Third Season

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

The return of Harley Quinn, the highly-praised DC animated series about Gotham’s beloved anti-hero, is coming back in under a year, according to the series showrunner. The character Harley Quinn has become a favourite personality at the DC franchise in the past few decades, thanks to series like these and films including Birds of Prey starring Margo Robbie.

The animated Harley Quinn series particularly has been commended for its distinctive approach to adapting the DC comic book. The series is an irreverent and comedic spin on the DC tales that are usually depicted in a darker and grittier manner. The success of this show on the ever-present streaming agency HBO Max supposed that  Harley Quinn was renewed for a third season, but at the moment, it seemed that the episodes would take a bit more than a year to make.

None, showrunner Justin Halpern disclosed that Harley Quinn would be returning in late 2021 or ancient 2022. “I think it’ll probably come out either the very end of this year or the beginning of next, simply because animation requires so long” The podcast hosts pressed Halpern for story details to its new season, and also the showrunner showed that the DC villain The Mad Hatter would be making an appearance. The hosts and Halpern also talked casting, and Halpern said that although these celebrities haven’t appeared on the series, he would like to have stars like Nathan Fielder, John Wilson, and Joe Pera on future seasons of the series.

Harley Quinn Season 3

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However, some of the most intriguing details Halpern revealed have to do with the unique episode themes for Harley Quinn season 3. Halpern claimed that the authors of the series are going to”do something with the Joker that has never been done in almost any Joker story.” Though the showrunner was vague about the details of this plotline, he did affirm that there would be a stand-alone Joker episode in season 3, much like how there was a standalone Batman episode in season 2.

The Harley Quinn animated series is already commended for its unique depiction of the Joker, so it makes sense that the series’ authors would want to delve into the iconic Batman villain even further. But what Halpern is hinting at for the new season is impossible to know. Harley Quinn can make numerous mad, off-the-wall conclusions about Joker’s character to come up with the protagonist in an interesting way. Luckily for fans, they won’t need to wait overly long until Harley Quinn season 3 comes out at under a year.

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