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Insha Fatima
Insha Fatima

Rishi begins the episode by covertly filming Vasudhara’s shenanigans. Vasudhara pretends to be Rishi while seated in Rishi’s chair. She then gives Rishi some chocolate and tells him that love is incredible. Vasudhara, Rishishara, she says. The love sign is kissed by her. When Rishi’s phone calls, she is about to scream the love sign in response. She’s warned by Rishi. He answers the call and promises to call back later. Vasudhara is asked by Rishi why she came. She tells him she will meet him later as she leaves.

When Rishi sees chocolate, he believes that consuming it is also an art form. Mahindra remembers Rishi’s demand. Mahindra asks Jagathi what happened since you appear lifeless. Mahindra claims that he is okay. Tell me if Rishi told you anything, as Jagathi claims you are concealing something. Mahindra tries to divert the subject since he believes Rishi’s suggestion would harm Jagathi. If he is changing the subject, Jagathi queries. When Rishi arrives, he questions Jagathi about whether or not she visited the place. Where is Vasudhara, he inquires.


Mahindra claims that Vasudhara went to the site visit since Jagathi seemed uninterested. Rishi queries how she did. Mahindra claims that she rode a scooty that the ministry had given to Vasudhara. Rishi questions why you guys didn’t stop her and thinks it’s dangerous to ride a two-wheeler given the distance. Jagathi claims she disregarded their advice. Rishi starts the vehicle and drives off. Vasudhara, in Rishi’s opinion, doesn’t care about herself. Vasudhara is contacted by Rishi but she is absent. Vasudhara eagerly pilots the scooter. She pulls the scooter to a stop. She picks up her phone and sees that Rishi has missed calls. She calls. She is asked to turn by Rishi. She is astonished to see him and wonders how he got here. Rishi tells her that he came in lieu of Jagathi and that his primary goal is to chastise her for riding a scooter. Vasudhara claims she received it from government personnel. Rishi advises caution because it is the wet season.

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Vasubdhara concurs. Vasudhara, Rishi, and Kishore cross paths. Vasudhara queries whether he told every villager. He claims that after notifying everyone, they are now all waiting for you. They move through fields. I have a lot I need to tell you, she claims. She wants them to forget Vasudhara, and I promise to forget Sakshi, so we can force Rishi to marry the woman who belongs to our status and receive Rishi’s consent. Mahindra instructs her to handle things on her own. You must, according to Devayani. She goes.

The request made by Devayani and Rishi has Mahindra feeling irritated. When Devayani sees Jagathi, she instructs her to go and remind Mahindra to heed my advice because he is depressed. Jagathi asks Mahindra what Devayani is saying when they first meet. Devayani, according to Mahindra, is exuding poison. Rishi and Vasudhara take a seat on the bench following the mission education event. They are invited to see Kishore’s guava farm. Rishi claims he lacks strength. They obtain guavas from Kishore. Vasudhara claims she adores them. Rishi claims you enjoy everything. After asking them to eat, Kishore departs for his farm. Vasudhara tells Rishi that eating guava in this weather is incredibly satisfying.








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