Google TV streaming through Xming LCD projector: Netflix-certified

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

The Page One is a new Full HD projector from Chinese manufacturer Formovie. That will be sold under its Xming sub-brand. It is the first LCD smart projector that has Google TV and approved Netflix built in, according to reports. Formovie, a member of Xiaomi’s Mi family, has been developing the Xming Page One since October of last year. It has just started an Indiegogo fundraising campaign to distribute the projector to users.

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It is designed around an LCD projection system with a 300 ANSI lumen LED light source. Which limits users to nighttime interior viewing or after-dark outdoor viewing, but has a service life of up to ten years. Page One features a throw ratio of 1.25:1, 2,000:1 contrast, and support for HDR10 content. It can display images in 1080p quality at up to 120 diagonal inches. Thanks to autofocus, automatic keystone correction, and image shrinking to avoid obstacles, it should also be reasonably simple to set up and operate.

The Xming Page One is said to be the first of its kind to feature Google TV

Giving users access to thousands of entertainment apps, including a fully certified install of Netflix. Viewers can stream their favorite movies and TV shows to the projector over dual-band Wi-Fi.

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A voice command can also access Google Assistant’s search assistance. And Chromecast has built-in support for mirroring device screens. The projector has a MediaTek processor, 2 GB of RAM, and 16 GB of storage. It also has an HDMI 2.1 port (with audio return) for connecting to a media source or console, as well as Type-A USB 2.0 and a headphone jack on the back.

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With a built-in cooling mechanism that keeps the system from overheating and an operating noise level of under 30 dB, big-screen gamers are rewarded with a 60-Hz refresh rate at full resolution and the promise of “ultra-low” input lag.

The projector is equipped with a Boston Audio-powered Dolby Audio sound system. Which boasts two 5-W rear-firing speakers “with abundant bass power, clear and soft treble, and rich sound details.” People can also choose to pair the projector with wireless speakers to go even closer to the music thanks to Bluetooth 5.0.

The device can be considered portable at 207.4 x 190.5 x 127.4 mm (8.17 x 7.5 x 5 in). And slightly over 2 kg (4.4 lb), however, users must place it within cabling distance of a wall outlet because there is no internal battery. The Page One’s Indiegogo rewards presently start at $299. The typical crowdfunding warnings still apply, but assuming the previously funded campaign runs well. Its shipping is anticipated to begin in November.

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