Google slashes Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 from the production line

Google slashes Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 from the production line

Google recently released the Pixel 5a, a capable mid-range smartphone that retained most of the features and quirks of the Pixel 4a. Yesterday, Google made it abundantly clear that it is discontinuing the Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 and is focusing all its attention on the release of the Google Pixel 6. This decision is surprising as the Pixel 5 isn’t very old but a fairly decent smartphone from the brand. Cutting down all the options will leave only two devices to be available for purchase, the recently launched Pixel 5a and the soon-to-be-launched Pixel 6 with the new Tensor chipset that is proprietary to Google.


Can you purchase the Google Pixel 4a and the Google Pixel 5 now?

Yes, you can purchase both devices as long as they are in stock at the physical smartphone stores and from online retailers. The existing stock will vanish soon and after that, the brand has no intention of manufacturing these devices for long. Pixel 5 supported wireless charging and was one of the sturdiest plastic smartphones in the world but it failed to grab the eyeballs like the Samsung Galaxy Flip and iPhone mini managed to do, last year.


Does it make sense?

Well, Google has been trying to penetrate the premium smartphone segment for quite a while but Samsung, Xiaomi, One Plus, and Apple have dominated that category for quite a while now. Google devices have the best optimization and software support as compared to any Android device but still, basic features weren’t able to entice new users. Now, with a new in-house powerful processor, the premium category seems a possibility for Google Pixel 6. The tensors chipset was showcased to a few tech journalists who was amazed by the performance packed into a tiny mobile processor.


Google Pixel 6: Highlights

Google Pixel 6 will be the flag bearer of the Pixel series with a base version and a Pro version eyeing a release this year. The design is kept quirky as you notice on high-end flagships with the camera module stretched out to the entire width of the smartphone. Apart from the Tensor chipset and a few storage options, nothing much is known about the Google Pixel 6. As for the pricing, expect the flagship level charges as Google is going all out with its new lineup of Tensor-powered smartphones.

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