Google launched Anti-Misinformation campaign

Google’s Jigsaw launched the anti-misinformation project in India

India is a country where people trust each other like family members, so with technology. According to the report, Social Media is becoming an important tool to initiate violations. Governments face a lot of issues with how to stop fake news over the internet. Banning the internet is not a feasible solution. So Indian Government called on big tech companies like Meta, Google, and Twitter to take strict action against fake news. Google was quick to respond, The subsidiary of google Google’s Jigsaw launched the anti-misinformation project in India. The singular aim of this project is to avert misleading information, which can cause communal violence. Fake News not only can cause violence but also violates the Citizen’s right to be informed.

Google With Prebunking Method

According to Google’s Top Executive, the campaign will use Prebunking Video. A method to mark the false video before they become viral. While Google is trying to reduce misinformation and Twitter trying to use false claims IDs. Furthermore, Twitter continues to hit the headlines as they removed the trusted team. Also, Elon Musk said, “Free for all Hellscape”.  Google also conducted an experiment project in Europe. The main goal is to prevent anti-refugee narratives online in the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Though this project will be hard to implement in India because of Its language, diversity, and population. We are aware of the fact that social media data can turn the table in politics.

Indian I&B (The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting) uses its “Exclusive power”  to stop false information. Like blocking Youtube channels, and removing Twitter and Facebook accounts to spread hateful messages in the community. According to I&B, more than 200 million messages spread over what’s app and Meta. Google’s Jigsaw shared five videos in three different languages. The results of the anti-misinformation campaign will be published in the summer of 2023.

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