‘Ginny and Georgia’ Debuts with controversy on Netflix after offending Taylor Swift with a sexist “joke”


Ginny and Georgia premiered just a week ago on Netflix, but the drama developed by Sarah Lampert about the relationship of a mother and daughter in New England has not taken much longer to anger and piss off one of the artists and singers. most popular of our time: Taylor Swift.

But what has happened so that the famous singer has charged harshly against the Netflix series?
Well, the script for it includes a “joke” that Swift has labeled “deeply sexist” while asking that hard-working women stop being degraded. In the scene in question, specifically during a conversation between the two protagonists, one of them says: “What do you care? You go through men faster than Taylor Swift.”

Undoubtedly, an unfortunate phrase that has not made the singer funny and who has not hesitated to share a capture of it on her official Twitter account, accompanied by harsh public criticism of the series and the joke in question.

Also, Swift has taken the opportunity to give Netflix a touch in the same tweet, reminding the platform that a joke like Ginny and Georgia does not hit them after the documentary Miss Americana, which, among other things, harshly criticizes misogyny in the industry while accompanying the artist herself for a whole year.

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Swift’s public complaint, which has accompanied her text with a broken heart, comes after many of her followers witnessed the joke of the last episode of the first season of the series and showed their indignation and support for the interpreter on social networks.

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