Get Upto 5000$ Home Depot Coupon Code By Official Survey

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Home Depot Coupon Code

Home Depot is an industry-leading supplier of home improvement tools, products, and services and also make their customer happy by Home Depot Coupon. USA has a DIY culture and whatever tools and materials you need for your home improvement, repair, or renovation project can be easily found at any of the home depot stores. Established in 1978, the store has mushroomed all over the USA and now boasts of 2312 locations as of the latest report by the company. Apart from the United States, the company has also a dominant presence in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada, Guam, and US Virgin Islands.

The catch is that Home Depot is conducting an online survey to help gain insights into the areas of improvement and troubles that their customers are facing while shopping at Home Depot. If you have ever visited the Home Depot store recently and would like to share your experience about the same, the review is a great medium to convey your thoughts to the brand. The survey is very basic in construction that asks rudimentary questions that do not consume much time in answering all of them. Moreover, the survey can be easily done online using your computer or handheld devices like smartphones and iPads with ease.

How To Get Home Depot Coupon  

Participating in the home depot survey is a piece of cake. Just linearly follow these steps.

Step 1: Open your browser and go to the official website of the Home Depot company. It will be easily displayed in the top search results or you can visit it at

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Step 2: Enter the website and click on the Begin Survey button to participate and enter the survey.

Step 3: This step requires you to enter your actual, residential postal code to identify the area you live in. Keep in mind that an incorrect postal code can result in discardation of the survey entry.

Step 4: You will be prompted to enter your user ID and password which is present on the receipt of your home depot purchase.

Step 4: Recheck and verify the details that you have entered up to this point and then click on the Next button.

Step 5: Now, you will be displayed the actual survey questions that you have to answer using your knowledge and experience of shopping at home depot.

Step 6: It is crucial to answering all the survey questions with complete honesty and to project your experience in terms of sentences, as it is being done to refine Home Depot services even further.

Step 7: After answering all the questions click on Submit. Now you have successfully participated in the Home Depot survey and stand a chance to win the 5000 USD sweepstakes.

Get Upto 5000 USD  Home Depot Coupon

  1. It will improve the services and customer satisfaction of the company in the long run.
  2. You stand a chance to win a 5000 USD worth sweepstakes.
  3. No entry fee or participation fee is required to participate.

How To Get Home Depot Coupon By Survey

There are a set of prerequisites that determine your eligibility for the home depot survey participation. The person participating in the survey should be a resident of the USA or the resident of the Columbia district. The details entered by the participant should be correct to the best of his knowledge as it will be used to contact the individual or they win.

You have to enter your mail ID, Full name, phone or landline number, and the category of the consumer on a Postcard of 3×5 to ASC / Q3 Us Home depot 2017 sweepstakes for customer satisfaction, place of 90 Rockwood, professional and consumer categories, with the reward of 5000 dollars gift card from home depot company.

Each participant will get two random draws based on two categories, professional and consumer with a chance of winning a 5000 USD gift card from the Home Depot company.

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