Fragility Exposed: Bihar’s Under-Construction Bridge Collapses

Suhana Parvin
Suhana Parvin

The Saga of the Aguani-Sultanganj Bridge: A Long Journey to Completion. Fragility exposed the second time snice 2022


On February 23, 2014, CM Nitish Kumar laid the bridge’s foundation. The T3,160-meter-long four-lane cable-stayed bridge was to connect NH-31 and 107, connecting Sultanagnj with the districts of Khagaria, Saharsa, Madhepura, and Supaul.

The project, which was supposed to be finished in 2019, has been delayed significantly, resulting in four deadline extensions. The bridge, is now under the supervision of SP Singla Constructions Private Limited. Has a cost of Rs 1,710 crore and is expected to be completed by November of this year.

4th June’s incident took place when the cast structure of the bridge over pillar numbers 10,11 and 12 — from the Aguani side — caved in, causing the pillars to collapse. Thus, fragility exposed.

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The collapse of the Bihar bridge elicited a harsh response from the BJP

With harsh criticism directed at Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. BJP officials have expressed their unhappiness, calling it a “dream project.” Also implying that Nitish Kumar is distracted with other issues rather than prioritising the bridge’s construction.

In response to the bridge collapse in Bhagalpur, Bihar, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has ordered an extensive investigation into the tragedy. He has stressed the need of identifying individuals responsible for the collapse. Indicating a commitment to ensuring transparency and responsibility in the aftermath of the tragic occurrence.

Current status

The Bihar bridge fell at 6 p.m. on Sunday, June 4, according to DDC Bhagalpur Kumar Anurag. So far, no fatalities or injuries have been recorded as a result of the under-construction bridge collapse in Bihar’s Bhagalpur.

Delicacy uncovered

In conclusion, the collapse of an under-construction bridge in Bhagalpur, Bihar, is a terrible episode that emphasizes the need to prioritize safety and careful oversight in infrastructure projects. Thus again, fragility exposed. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s fast move to request an investigation demonstrates his commitment to identifying those responsible for the fall and ensuring accountability. So yet, there have been no casualties or injuries reported. Moving forward, it is vital to learn from this disaster and establish tougher safety procedures in the construction of bridges and other critical infrastructure projects to avoid similar tragedies.

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