Four children found alive in the Amazon forest after 40 days

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

After surviving the plane crash and surviving on their own for weeks in Colombia’s Amazon jungle. Four kids have been discovered alive. A massive rescue effort involving dozens of soldiers and locals was centered on the missing youngsters. The pilot, their mother, and a third adult perished in a small plane crash on May 1st, but the four siblings survived. Four Indigenous children who were lost for 40 days in the Colombian Amazon were able to live. By eating seeds, roots, and plants.

plane crash amazon

The survival of the children in Amazon live

The siblings, ages 13, 9, 4, and 1, were separated for 40 days. And survived by eating seeds, roots, and other edible plants because of their upbringing. According to the National Organization of Indigenous Peoples of Colombia (OPIAC), “the survival of the children is a sign of the knowledge and connection with the natural environment that is passed on starting in the mother’s womb.”

On Friday, authorities in the South American nation announced the children’s recovery. Bringing to a happy conclusion a story that had seen its highs and lows as rescuers anxiously searched the rainforest for the kids.

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The children are indigenous Huitoto people

plane crash amazon

The pilot, their mother, and a third adult perished in a small plane crash, but the four siblings survived. The children’s relatives clung to the hope that the siblings’ experience in the bush would help them survive. When the pilot declared an emergency due to engine failure. The Cessna single-engine propeller aircraft was carrying three adults and children. A short while afterward, the small aircraft vanished from the radar, and rescue efforts for the passengers started.

The “children of the bush,” as their grandfather referred to them. Made it through the ordeal by surviving on yucca flour that was on board the crashed aircraft and by scavenging from relief packages that were dropped by search helicopters.

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