Fans Can Now Be Sure That Dragon Prince Season 4 Is Coming

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

Fans are now able to be sure Dragon Prince Season 4 is coming following Wonderstorm announced the information at Comic Con’s virtual occasion.

Over a year after its third year finished, would it soon see the light of this afternoon? Fans have been long waiting for the coming of The Dragon Prince Season 4.

However, it looks like audiences are still on a lengthy waiting game until it eventually hits the small screen.

Bardel Entertainment Inc., Wonderstorm cooperation Bardel Entertainment Inc. will continue to co-produce the anime series using Wonderstorm from Season 4 to Season 7.

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“We’re very excited to continue this creative collaboration with Wonderstorm and Netflix,” Bardel SVP of Development and Production Tina Chow stated. “And enlarge this rich world into the following four seasons”

Tina proudly added that their collaboration was a”perfect partnership.”

“Wonderstorm has a sweeping vision for this saga, also Bardel’s success has always come in pushing boundaries,” Chow lasted. “We’re delighted to go down this imaginative path with them .”

New Season’s Possible Plot And Production

Meanwhile, together with the confirmation of Dragon Prince Season 4 forthcoming, fans were encouraged to lobby Netflix to rekindle the whole saga.

Employing the hashtag #giveusthesaga, they filled the Twitter world with tweets regarding the series’ continuation. By the looks of it, the movement was effective, and Netflix discovered their clamor.

Thus, what’s going to happen in the new season?

Dragon Prince Season 4 will comprise the issues and problems between dragons and people and the growth of Xadia and its own kingdom.

It is also likely that it will mostly focus on the connection between Sunfire elves and Aaravos.

On the other hand, the fourth year’s production has, reportedly, been badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Luckily, the show’ cartoon is not a complex issue to do that may be produced despite the ongoing health crisis.

Anyhow, with all the lack of production upgrades, Netflix has yet to announce a specific launch date for Dragon Prince Season 4.

There’s a big probability that a script might already be prepared or even a general overview, Inverse noted. However, there aren’t any words when its filming starts. It looks like the cast doesn’t have any idea about it.

Aside from Dragon Prince Season 4, the coming of a Dragon Prince table-top game and also a new graphic novel is also declared. The latter will take place after the next year and the series creator, Aaron Ehasz, revealed it functioned as”canon.”

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