Entrepreneur Shyam Narayan Launches A Free Education Platform For People With Disabilities

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Shyam Narayan

Shyam Narayan is an innovator, entrepreneur, and founder of Qrishn. Qrishn, founded in August 2016, is a bootstrapped B2B2C start-up that provides brand development, financial modeling & marketing, and intelligent automation services.  

Shyam is a patient of a rare and incurable genetic disorder, Hemophilia-a, which also causes physical deformities. He says rare disorders like hemophilia drastically affect the patient’s life in every manner. Looking at a larger picture, a significant amount of the population is facing a similar problem. He took advantage of his knowledge and skills, advancement in technology and leveraged the start-up ecosystem of India to create Qrishn. 

 Shyam Narayan has recently announced his new internal growth business model that provides skill-enhancing education, including programming, digital marketing, branding, business & personal finance courses, personality development training, and counseling to people with disabilities for free using internet technology. And provide brand development, financial modeling & marketing, and intelligent automation services to businesses and individuals. The education project has received more than 4500 signups for enrollment and is enrolling 100 students per stream per month. Training classes are conducted online, and the people work from home to ensure that no one faces any difficulties because of their physical challenges. The trainees are even encouraged to create their own income source and be self-employed.  

The company is looking forward to launching more projects in the future. The founder says, Qrishn is open to ideas and provides encouragement and necessary support, and invests in problem-solving innovations. Shyam Narayan believes that his efforts will have a positive impact by helping that part of the society which often gets overlooked. 

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