Ending the rumors that surrogacy laws were broken: Nayanthara and Vignesh Shivan

Insha Fatima
Insha Fatima

Following their announcement that they had received twins via surrogate, actors Nayanthara and Vignesh Shivan are currently the subjects of an investigation. Nayanthara recently disclosed that she has chosen a family member to serve as her surrogate mother. The pair also stated in an affidavit sent to the Tamil Nadu health department that even though they were married in June, they had already registered their union six years prior. The latest developments follow an investigation that was launched by the Tamil Nadu Health Minister to see whether the couple had broken any surrogacy rules. The pair is only deemed qualified for surrogacy if they have been married for five years, according to the Assisted Reproductive Technology (Regulation) act and the Surrogacy (Regulation) statute passed in 2021. Both the wife and the husband must fall within the age range of 25 to 50. No biological or adoptive children are permitted. A married woman with a kid of her own, between the ages of 25 and 35, who has only ever served as a surrogate once must be a close relative of the couple in order to qualify as a surrogate mother.

In addition to the hospital where the twins are born, the surrogate is a relative of Nayanthara who lives in the United Arab Emirates. The twins, Uyir and Ulagam, were welcomed by Nayanthara and Vignesh on October 9. On social media, Vignesh had posted pictures with the description – Nayan & Me have become Amma & Appa. We are fortunate to have twin baby boys. All of our prayers, the blessings of our ancestors, and all of the wonderful manifestations have come together for us in the shape of two blessed kids. For our Uyir and Ulagam, we need your entire blessing. Life appears to be more lovely and brighter. God is twice as awesome.


Following the social media update, speculation that the children were the result of surrogacy took off like wildfire. Commercial surrogacy was outlawed earlier in January after being labeled “illegal” by the government. On June 9 of this year, the actress and her longtime partner got married. Ajith Kumar, Vijay Sethupathi, Rajinikanth, Shah Rukh Khan, and other celebrities attended the wedding.

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