Dry Hands: How to Heal and Prevent Them

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Hand Dryness is common, and there are several causes. You can moisturise your hands to reduce dryness and protect them from irritants in many cases. If the cause is an underlying condition such as eczema, you may require medication. Dry hands, while appearing to be a minor condition, can be extremely irritating.

The majority of the time, dry hands are caused by environmental factors. Dry hands can be caused by environmental factors such as the weather. Handwashing frequently, chemical exposure, and certain medical conditions can all dry out the skin on your hands.

However, regardless of the cause, there are several ways to keep your thirsty skin hydrated. Learn more about dry skin remedies, how to prevent it, and what causes it in the first place.

Prevention for Dry Hands

Try some of the following remedies to treat hands:

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1. Apply moisturiser
Several times per day, apply a high-quality moisturising cream or lotion. Lotions and creams help to rehydrate and seal moisture back into the skin.

2. Put on gloves
If your hands are frequently immersed in water, such as when washing dishes, consider wearing gloves. Gloves protect your skin from being stripped of its natural oils by the water.

3. Take into account medication
If you have severe eczema, you may need to take medications to allow your skin to heal. Your doctor may prescribe steroids to be applied to your skin or an antibiotic to be taken orally.

What is the best way to get rid of dry hands?

If your work environment causes hand dryness, consider carrying a small bottle of lotion with you so you can reapply moisturiser throughout the day.

dryness of hands remedies

Look for moisturisers that contain ingredients like:

  • jojoba oil
  • glycerin
  • cocoa butter
  • aloe vera gel

If you work in a place where frequent handwashing is required, such as a hospital or restaurant, talk to your boss about installing lotion pumps on the walls. Make good use of them if they already exist.
Excessive heat, such as from hand dryers, should also be avoided. Heat, like cold, can further damage out the skin.

What causes hand dryness


It is common for your skin to become dry during the colder months. Climate changes, particularly cold weather with little humidity in the air, can cause hands to dry out. Reduced humidity in the air draws moisture from the skin.

Working conditions

Dry hands can also be caused by working conditions. People who work in jobs that require frequent handwashing, such as nurses, doctors, or teachers, may experience dry hands. Chemicals or other harsh irritants may be routinely exposed to factory workers or hairdressers. These can also result in dry hands.

Dry hands are a common occurrence in most people. They are usually easily treated with moisturizer. If home remedies do not help your dry hands, or if you have any other symptoms, such as bleeding or infection, seek medical attention.

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