Dono Trailer: ‘Sohni Mahiwal’ seen together on stage, Dharmendra became emotional at the trailer launch of grandson’s debut film


Dono Trailer Launch Event: Sunny Deol and Poonam Dhillon, the stars of the film ‘Sohni Mahiwal’, made in collaboration between India and Russia and released in 1984, were once again seen on a stage here on Monday. This special moment marked the trailer launch for the debut films of both their children, a significant milestone in their cinematic journey. Poonam Dhillon’s daughter Paloma and Sunny Deol’s son Rajveer’s first child. The film ‘Dono’ has been produced by the same Rajshri Productions with which Rajveer’s grandfather and Sunny Deol’s father Dharmendra has also worked in the film ‘Jeevan Mrityu’.

Dharmendra remembered his old days and got emotional

In his video message, actor Dharmendra, while discussing Rajshri Productions’ film ‘Jeevan Mrityu’, said, ‘It was very meaningful. During the shooting of this film, I never felt as if I was acting in a film. This movie had a remarkable run, lighting up the screens at Alankar Cinema in Mumbai for a splendid 100 days, leaving an indelible mark on the city’s film history. When Sunny told that Rajbir is starting his career with Rajshri Productions’ film, I was very happy. I had a strong sense of assurance that my child was well taken care of, making me feel at ease and confident. Dharmendra was seen getting emotional while saying this.

In the midst of widespread industry celebration for ‘Gadar 2,’ Sunny Deol was quizzed about the advice he offered Rajbir during the trailer launch. In response, he shared, “People were guiding Rajbir on how to handle his first press conference, emphasizing the importance of effective communication.” Son, I was very scared. I said, son, say whatever comes from your heart. The way I express my feelings. It is a different matter that sometimes the matter gets out, but I say whatever comes in my heart.

‘Dono’ trailer was launched in Mumbai

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Rajbir Deol, son of Sunny Deol, and Paloma, daughter of Poonam Dhillon, are making their first appearance in Hindi cinema. Together in the movie ‘Dono.’Sunny Deol and Poonam Dhillon first worked together in the film ‘Soni Mahiwal’. During the press conference, when Sunny Deol and Poonam Dhillon were asked about their experience related to that film. Sunny Deol shyly said, ‘What should I say now?’ Meanwhile, Poonam Dhillon said with pride. ‘After father, Sunny brought the image of Heiman on the screen. ‘Soni Mahiwal’ had a romantic image. After this film. We also did films like ‘Samudar’ and ‘Savere Wali Gaadi’ together. But ‘Soni Mahiwal’ is a classic film. This movie will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

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