Dilbag Singh and Lovepreet Kaur Share Their Journey and Advices as Digital Marketers

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Dilbag Singh and Lovepreet Kaur

Nowadays, people are more into Digital Marketing than regular conservational jobs. Dilbag Singh and Lovepreet Kaur, at an early age, understood the importance of Social Media and the Internet. When their peers were focused on pointless arguments and lazing around, Dilbag Singh and Lovepreet Kaur were fascinated by the Internet and wanted to know whether there was any way to profit from it.
However, in the beginning, circumstances were not simple because society still believes that the Internet and related jobs are not professional enough. They had to deal with numerous social and financial issues. They, on the other hand, did not allow any obstacle to stand in their way. Dilbag Singh and Lovepreet Kaur are now considered youth icons. It is all because of their dedication and perseverance.
They are helping the nation fight unemployment through their contribution of employing young people. Since they understand how difficult it can be to venture into an upcoming field like Digital and Social Media Marketing, they train others to become efficient. They help them understand how to use Social Media like Facebook and YouTube to leverage customers and consumers. The duo has helped tens and thousands of people all over the world to gain a following. Their user base consists mostly of Punjabis and people from Canada as Canada is also known as a ‘Mini Punjab’. They have helped Social Workers, Influencers, Politicians, and Businesspeople to earn a positive image online. They help them to promote themselves.
The duo believes in preserving one’s discipline to achieve success. People should learn from their failures and attempt again with a fresh set of thoughts. They say that making a plan is not enough; one must follow through with it to win. According to them, you should have complete knowledge before you make any decision. Dilbag recalls that in his college years, he was more interested in Social Media than studies. So to quench his thirst, he began working on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Unexpectedly his business took off, and he had to give more time to it. With many people against his decision, it was tough to discontinue his studies and focus on his business. But he was confident, and he adhered to his plans till the end. Lovepreet loved computers and anything related to it. She was pursuing M.C.A. while she met her husband on Social Media and began working with him.
The power couple states that they have never shied away from working hard. They say there are times when they work over twelve hours and still have the energy to do more. They believe that along with having passion, one must also possess perseverance and persistence. You must be stubborn with your dreams. India requires more people like Lovepreet and Dilbag who want to make the world a better place and are keen on teaching others. They are inspiring and helping people to be okay with choosing a road less taken. They are sure that, sooner or later, Digital Marketing will become everyone’s choice of profession.

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