Dieting Still Not Losing Weight- Here Could Be A Possible Reason

Mamta Panda
Mamta Panda
Dieting Still Not Losing Weight- Here Could Be A Possible Reason

These days each one is trying hard to maintain their kilos. For this they have begun to eat less, very choosy with the different food options, making a calorie deficit, cutting down fats totally, or working out endlessly. It can be quite a possible reason behind why we fail to achieve the presumed target. Also, there are many cases when we have short-term results but it soon fades away when those extra kgs are back to their places and we feel stuck . This can be quite demotivating for the ones consistently putting efforts day and night. It is very important to understand whilst thinking about losing weight,for a healthy weight loss both diets, as well as lifestyle habits, play a key role. Disbalance in any of these factors could be a reason obstructing the weight loss journey which can be on a subtle level.

Let us find out what are the major common mistakes that are slowing down your weight loss journey.

  1. Unrealistic Targets

Losing weight is a gradual process hence takes an ample amount of time. We usually become highly impatient and want result immediately. The very next day we mirror bomb ourselves to see the change. The weight gained over months and years wont just fade away like a magic. Hence one must keep track and make rational weight loss goals.

2. Stressful life

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In today’s era this is the major concern over majority of population that is Physical, mental and emotional stress. This can a huge culprits for fluctuations of hormonelevels, which eventually halts body melting away fat.

3. Lack of Enough Sleep

According to research sleep deprivation hinder weight loss and paves way for midnight overbinging due to high levels of the hormone named ghrelin.  Being sleep deprived can lead to overeating and hunger penks.  A perfect nine-hour sleep is essential.

4. Overbinging on Healthy Foods

Eating healthy food is good for health no doubt but at the same time eating in excess can turn the tables. Anything in excess causes harm than good. Healthy food also holds calories hence in order to create a calorie deficit stop over binging on healthy foods.

5. Abstaining Resistance training

Performing resistance training is key exercise during weight loss. Lifting weights is considered one of the most effective exercise  for gaining lean muscle mass and increasing basic metabolic rate. Hence it overall improves activity and boosts body fat loss.

6. Might have hit the weight loss plateau

If you are following the same kind of diet and exercise over a large period of time the body is acquainted with the same routine exercise and diet. Hence it is the time when we must inculcate few modifications in diet and exercise to bring noticible change.

7. Losing weight but not realizing

Often its seen that there is a common feeling of not losing weight despite consistently sticking to the prescribed diet. Hence the number on the scale should be the sole measure of weight dynamics. This number can be influenced by several factors such as the proportion of food and fluid intake. As a matter of fact weight range fluctuate up to 4 pounds over a span of single day.

7. Uniform Intensity of Exercise

Same intensity exercise don’t challenge the body hence the body fat becomes adapted to the same regimen and undergoes to a stage of plateau. Gearing up the exercise regime can reverse the weight loss plateau.Hence it substantially lowers the body metabolic rate.

8.Not Drinking Enough Water

Deficient in water intake can lower metabolism by 30 %. And dehydration of body invites wide range of diesease.

9.Not eating enough fibre and vegetable

Avoiding nutritious vegetables and having high calories refined food paves way for a plateau.


Hence you can make your heart jolly by having an improved sleep, better gut digestion, and fewer of those  “empty” calories at the same time holding a healthier body.


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