Did Sun Tv overtake Vijay Tv in TRPs? Here are the details for the last week of October 2020

Chris Steward
Chris Steward

The box office for a film is as important as the fans’ attention, as well as the TRP of the serials currently airing on television. In addition, the TRP of the leading TV channels in Tamil such as Sun TV, Vijay TV and Zee Tamil is changing in the top 5 list every time.

In this case, we will see here which places in the TRP list of the respective TVs through the programs aired on TV last week.

  1. Sun Tv – 846198 Weekly Impression in 1000’s
  2. Star Vijay – 597727 Weekly Impression in 1000’s
  3. Zee Tamil – 476955 Weekly Impression in 1000’s
  4. KTV – 257247 Weekly Impression in 1000’s
  5. Star Vijay Super – 119499 Weekly Impression in 1000’s

Sun TV’s serials have put a check on Bigg Boss’ TRP and pushed it down while expecting Vijay TV’s TRP to jump through Bigg Boss. Not only this, Zee Tamil, one of the leading televisions, has slipped very low in the TRP to 3rd position, shocking Zee TV fans.

It is customary for everyone to look at the weekly TRP rating. Fans are so eager to see if the serial that catches us likes first place. BARC has now released the details of the serial, which ran on TV last week, received high TRP in films.

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In it, as usual, the Maruthu tv film aired on Sun TV took the first place and the Roja serial aired on the same TV took the second place. Bharathi Kannamma in 3rd place, Poovey Unakkaga in 4th place and new Bakyalakshmi serial in 5th place.

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