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Seema Rai
Seema Rai

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Dhadkan Zindaggi Kii drama series, available on Sonyliv. Dr. Deepika Sinha, a surgeon, enters FMS hospital in a world where men make the rules. But, in order to live her dream, she must overcome gender bias, judgment, and her own past. Deepika begins the episode by saying, “I said something wrong about Namit, and because of my baggage, you thought of my words and reacted like that.” Devangana says it contradicts my values, so why should I sort it out? Deepika says, “I understand your pain and dilemma; giving up on a marriage is not a solution; instead, treat the relationship as work, keep the marriage on life support, and hope for a miracle.” Devangana claims that something has changed in me.

Sameer claims that something happened, that I feel different from Sia, that there is some long-term sense of something, a sense of belonging. Nikhil says, “It’s great to hear this from you; you’re in love.” Sameer says no way, just because you’re in love doesn’t mean everyone else is. Sameer responds, “Not yet.” Nikhil says, “Tell her before it’s too late that I have to go to the presentation, I’m the judge, may the best candidate win.” Sameer dials Tania’s number. She wonders why we aren’t going out to dinner. He says we’ll meet for dinner today, but I have to tell you something. Sia and Peroz have a discussion.

She says, “I have no insecurity and pressure with Sameer, it just flows, you get what you see, I don’t need to adjust, with him, I can just be myself, I’m learning about my personality, finally I’m making a good exploration now, I’m exploring myself with Sameer, I don’t know if it’s short term or long term, I’m just happy”.

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When Deepika apologizes to Namit Dhadkan Zindaggi Kii Updates

Isha gives the hygiene presentation. Nikhil describes her as a prodigy. The presentation has been well received. Namit arrives. Deepika instructs Devangana to speak with Namit once and make a decision that she will not regret later. She apologises to Namit, saying, “I was judgmental; you guys talk.” Namit expresses gratitude to her. He expresses regret to Devangana. He says we should only give our relationship one chance. Devangana says, “I’m not sure where I am; I’m lost.” Deepika advises against acting on emotions; you have a good relationship; don’t throw it away.

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