‘Destiny: The Winx Saga’ (Netflix): 5 questions that must solve season 2

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

After having been one of the most anticipated new original series on Netflix for weeks, the first season of Destiny: The Winx Saga was released in full last Friday on the platform and it seems that many have enjoyed its first six episodes in the form of a marathon. With a winning formula that is committed to mixing the ‘teen’ with the supernatural and some first comparisons that pointed to its similarities with Harry Potter , the Netflix series based on the famous Italian animated series Winx Club , started with a double advantage in its premiere. On the one hand its nature, but also with the expectation of those ‘millennials’ who enjoyed Nickelodeon’s fiction in their day.

Having seen the six episodes that make up the first installment of the series, the time has come to inevitably wonder about a potential season 2 that has yet to be confirmed by the streaming giant. Will Netflix renew Destiny: The Winx saga for a second installment? The truth is that there are quite a few ballots for this, especially since the first season of supernatural fiction seems designed specifically for that purpose.

At the end of the day, we have already entered fully into Alfea, known its main characters, understood part of Solaria’s history and faced a first threat that seemed terrifying but that turned out to be only a test for its protagonist. And now that? Many questions need to be answered in a season 2 that Netflix will commission, we can assume, sooner rather than later:

There is no doubt that Bloom ( Abigail Cowen ) is a powerful fairy like no other, but we still have a lot to discover about her origins. We first learned that it was a traded one and that the parents who raised her are humans who have nothing to do with magic. According to the first revelations, their parents would have been killed as part of the performance of Rosalind, Farah, Silva and company in Aster Dale, where they wiped out the entire population with the aim of ending the Burned. However, it would later be revealed that the inhabitants of the place were not innocent people, but Blood Witches who had previously kidnapped the girl aware of her powers. Thus, we will still have to discover who the protagonist’s parents are and why she has so much power.

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After discovering that Andreas is alive and has been in hiding all this time, Sky’s ( Danny Griffin ) relationship with his father and Silva promises to be problematic whether the young specialist makes the decision to be 100% by his father’s side or On the contrary, he remains faithful to the man who has raised him and has been responsible for his learning all this time.

The matter is tricky, especially if we take into account that Andreas has put his commitment to Queen Luna and Rosalind before his own son, who he has allowed to grow up thinking that he had lost his father and be raised by someone who at the time he considered an enemy. Also, if we finally have to consider that Andreas, Rosalind and company are villains in the series, it will be interesting to see what role good old Sky plays in this complex situation.

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