‘Destiny: The Winx Saga’: Are there already plans for a season 2 on Netflix?

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Leader of the top of the most anticipated Netflix original series for several weeks, Destiny: The Winx saga is Netflix’s new commitment to the supernatural and, based on a famous Italian animated series that raised passions in the early 2000s on Nickelodeon, it is not wonder so many opt for binge-watching this weekend. On the one hand, her legion of followers waited for her like May water for months, but it is also that fiction has several ingredients that, maybe or not, can make it one of the latest hits of the series. streaming platform.

On the one hand, the comparisons with Harry Potter that, more or less accurate, attract the attention of anyone. Let’s see, Destiny: The Winx saga is not Harry Potter by any means, but it is inevitable to remember Howarts when the doors of Alfea open to us, a gigantic magical school dedicated for thousands of years to teach fairies to control its magic. In this sense, we cannot deny that the mixture of the ‘teen’ with the supernatural works and that, if the result hooks, the title has ballots to sneak between the tops of new trends.

In addition, with a first season of only six episodes, the truth is that the amount of time to invest is not overwhelming. How many Netflix accounts will give you a shot on your first weekend?

If you are one of those who has already enjoyed the first installment in a marathon plan, you may be wondering if there will be season 2 of Destiny: The Winx Saga .

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Going by parts, the first thing you have to know is that Netflix, for now, has not announced the renewal officially. However, rumors that Destiny: The Winx saga had already guaranteed a second season on the platform have been circulating since last summer, when there was not even a release date for its first installment.

The website dedicated to news of the streaming platform already pointed to the renewal in June 2020, noting that the platform was betting heavily on a more mature and live-action version of the famous Italian series and that this, in turn, it had been broadcast for many seasons. Similarly, the same page was recently ratified in the information provided by its “sources”, again pointing out that there is more material than envelope to adapt.

Without a doubt, that the original material allows the plots to continue for several seasons is a very good sign for the renewal , although many other factors come into play in the decision. The contracts of the actors, of course, which could already include this hypothesis and from which this information usually arises, but mainly the reception by the subscribers.

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