Dave Sidhu: The Star in the Making

Ronnie Robbins
Ronnie Robbins
Dave Sidhu

It takes more than a stroke of luck to become a star in one’s own field, and especially when it comes to the Film industry, it is hard work, passion and dedication that tests a man’s day to day life, struggle and achievements. Dave Sidhu is just that one star who is slowly rising to fame because of his talent, passion and dedication.

Dave Sidhu could be considered as this new and emerging talent who is slowly rising to fame with his directorial talent and brilliant skills in cinematography. His work speaks of his brilliance and shows his knack for excellence. Dave Sidhu is an all-rounder in the field of Cinema production and filmmaking. He is an Indian-born Australian film director, actor, casting director and producer. He has worked in the Punjabi and the Hindi film industry.

Dave Sidhu was born on 2nd November in Barnala and later in his older days had shifted to Australia, where his hometown was Sydney. His father was the Late Jatinder Singh, and his mother is Surjeet Kaur. It has been reported that Dave Sidhu is happily married to Sandeep and has a son Surmandeep. He is a practitioner and believer of Hinduism. His charming personality matches his warm brown eyes, and he is 173cm tall and always has this ever-smiling and kind face. Although he possesses many qualities and various skills, he is known for being a professional film director.

Dave Sidhu graduated from SD College in Barnala and after his graduation from SD College in Barnala, he worked as a casting director in various films. He even directed and produced various music videos. Later, he completed another degree from AFI Australia. He has two degrees, one is a diploma in Art and Craft, and another is a diploma in Filmmaking from AFI, showing his love for the field of film and media.

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Within just the age of 34 years, Sidhu has been part of many major projects and has also directed and produced a number of music videos. Amongst his various music video direction, some of them are “Gaddi Naal Viah”, “Dhooman”, “Aaj Bhangre Pan Ge”, “Valayat”, “ Mirza Vikramrathod”, “Teriyan Yaddan”, “ Give Me Heart”, “Dollar vs Sleep”, “Mainu Television Lai De Ve”, “Halat” and “Teaser”. He has also worked as a casting director in various movies, such as, “Kuriyan Jawan Bapu Preshaan” and “Tabbar”.

Sidhu made his feature film debut in a supporting, self-cast role with the 2018 film “Pareshaan Parinda.” He has also appeared as an actor in films such as “Jabardaar”. Later Sidhu has ventured into film direction in the year 2020 with “The Oneness”, a short documentary film on Indo-Australians. It is reported that Sidhu’s upcoming projects as a director are Kuch Na Kuch and Yaariyan Dildaariyan. He definitely can be put in the list of emerging talents and has various productions and direction pieces up to his sleeves. It could be guaranteed that he is going to have a dominant space in the Indian film industry and make it more enriched with his vision.

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