Dave Season 2: Release Date, Cast Update And Everything You Should To Know

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

Lil Dicky, a mastermind of humor ahs given us Dave, humor show that is full of mind hurting comedy. The show has gained massive popularity among the masses also has become one of the best comedy shows of recent times. At the moment, the first season is done, and we can not wait for the second season to roll out. So let us look at what we know thus far about the developments of season 2. Before we do this let’s quickly run through the series and what’s happened in season 1.

This American comedy show called Dave first premiered in March of 2020. It’s co-created by the widely popular rapper/comedian Lil Dicky and Jeff Shaffer, in which the former performs the main character. That is not all the genius comedic minds behind the show, Kevin Hart and Greg Mottola are a part of the series’s production.

The next season for the show was backlit back in May of 2020 after overwhelming support for the series.


In the show, we see Lil Dicky playing with Dave, who’s a neurotic guy that has his headset is the best rapper of all time. It is not a situation where he wishes to try hard and do his very best to finally become one of the very best, he’s already convinced himself that he is among the very best.

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But only with him being convinced about this simple fact isn’t likely to do much. He’ll also need to convince the whole world. So he begins with his best buddy, like in every case, you need to take modest actions to progress further, and that’s what Dave is doing.

Dave Season 1

From the first episode, we’re shown how GaTa plays himself at the show. GaTa is really Dick’y real-life hype man. So for the very first episode, we’ve got our main man Dave, coming GaTa to help get YG on a few of his paths.

Dave gets his very first gig, his first shot at glory, his very first attempt at showing the world that he is one of the finest on earth. But that attempt turns out to be not something that he was expecting. His first series is in a memorial for a 10-year old fan. There he gets ridiculed for being a white rapper.

In the forthcoming few episodes, we meet more intriguing characters that seem to have an impact on Dave’s life. He finally get’s a supervisor Mike sometime down the street. But at precisely the same time, our main guy gets sick after he smokes a joint at a party.

Later in the episodes, we see Dave and his supervisor Mike attempting to visit and then convince record labels into registering them. On one such adventure, they come into contact with Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco. Stuff get wilder, and Dave is afterward acquainted with Kourtney Kardashian.

In the next episode, we see Dave dividing with his love interest, Ally. This sudden going of different ways is due to Dave having a lot of his time and effort spent in becoming one of the greatest rappers in the world and nearly none on caring for his romantic interest.

In the last episode, Dave has developed a record label and is planning to release their first song. He indicates they publish a very offensive course as their initial project, Mike along with the record label disagree right then and there.

But Dave seems to be more adamant about releasing this offensive course, so for this, he makes his way to the Breakfast Club show. There he plans to leak a little bit of this track, which would make it collect grip, and the record label could have no other option but to support him.

But eventually, Dave comes to terms with all the others and realizes releasing an offensive track as their first job off the bat would not be the best company choice. So they do a live rap show rather, which gets him some great rewards.

Dave Season 2

Like we mentioned the season 2 with this particular show has been greenlit, and production has already started. We don’t have a confirmed released date as of yet, the only thing we know is that the next season will release in 2021.

Concerning the story, we do know that this can be a semi-autobiographical show. So it’s easy to figure what’s going to occur from Dicky’s actual life, in other words, keeping in mind in the event the show won’t disagree and really fully follow his life span.

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