Dave Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Trailer And Who Will Be Coming Back?

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

When the first season of Dave premiered in 2020, no one knew that it would continue to become one of FX’s most popular comedy series. It centers around an ordinary guy named Dave Burd, who’s in his mid-20s, and convinced he is going to be among the greatest rappers of all time. In fact, Burd, also called Lil’ Dicky, states it throughout the first season quite frequently. The series is a semiautobiographical spin on Dave Burd’s real life in the hip-hop industry, which can be pretty cool since people are interested in peeling back the curtains on a life like that.

Now that Dave is streaming on Hulu, it’s become an increasingly popular series, which leads fans to wonder when and if there is going to be a second time, who is involved, and if there is a trailer showing that the merchandise. Behold, here is the inside gossip on what we understand about the next season of Dave, but prepared for spoilers ahead!

When Is The Release Date?

Due to the massive success season, 1 had in spring 2020, it didn’t take long for FX to declare it would put in on another season in 2021. Co-creators Dave Burd and Jeff Schaffer will operate on episodes being between 24 and 32 minutes long and will start where season 1 left off with Dave’s journey to becoming successful.

The finale of season 1 left things up in the atmosphere, but what is for sure is that Dave and his girlfriend, Ally, played by Taylor Misiak, awakened. He also debuted a new song, with a bizarre new music video. To top it off, he got a big break when he landed a guest spot on a radio series, ” The Breakfast Club with Charlamagne Tha God, DJ Envy, and Angela Yee. According to Inverse, by comparing events to Burd’s real life, they’ll guess that the song,”$ave Dat Money” will be an element in molding season two. This happened before having a spot on The Breakfast Show, thus if the timeline is somewhat skewed, it could still work.

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Burd also came out with the song, “Molly,” which is about his IRL ex-girlfriend getting married to somebody else. Could this foreshadow his separation from Ally in the series? Time will tell, and as of now, and unfortunately, there isn’t a concrete release date in 2021.

Who Will Be Coming Back, And Who Will We Meet?

The casting in season 1 was solid, and everybody involved, including Mike (Andrew Santino), GaTa (Davionte”GaTa” Ganter), Travis”Taco” Bennet as Elz, Ally (Taylor Misiak), along with Christine Ko (Emma), were pivotal characters of making the show successful. In terms of season 2? Well, it’ll be a continuation of this very first season, which means that the main characters will likely be back in action. This also includes the main cast that has been recorded above, and needless to say, Dave as himself, as Lil’ Dicky.

According to Deadline, Pitch alumna Meagan Holder is set to play a recurring part in Dave season 2, as Tessa, an executive in the record tag Dave is signed on to. She’ll continue to keep a close eye on him, which means she’ll be along for the ride to keep tabs on him, while keeping him on track, as well.

Is There A Trailer?

While season 2 was declared in 2020, during the pandemic, a trailer hasn’t been released yet. It’s a good assumption that filming has started since season 2 will be released this year, therefore it is merely a matter of time before enthusiasts will soon get their hands on some sneak peeks in the season two trailer.

In the meantime, season 1 of Dave can be obtained on Hulu to stream, and also the trailer for season 1 is also available to watch on YouTube. Who knows, maybe you overlooked someone in the very first time, or maybe you need a refresher about how ridiculous Dave is; in a good way, of course. Since Dave Burd, AKA Lil’ Dicky is a rising star in real life, he’s also landed himself Jimmy Kimmel Live, just in case you’re having withdrawals. Maybe an award or two is on the rapper-actor’s horizon?

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