Dark Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Trailer And Synopsis

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Interviewer PR

Fans were very excited to learn that In the Dark was revived for a highly expected third season back in January 2020, and filming is set to conclude on April 2, 2021, leaving some people to wonder what the future of this series will hold and when there will, in actuality, be In the Dark season 4.

The CW was proven to cancel shows from time to time, but it does seem to have a fairly good record for keeping its originals alive, largely because of such a loyal fanbase, which the crime drama series undoubtedly has too.

The crime drama follows a young, blind girl that tries to solve her friend’s murder. The series that celebrities Perry Mattfeld has been a hit on The CW, and many Netflix subscribers have enjoyed this interesting title on the streaming service, which makes it understandable why some are curious about whether or not there will be a From The Dark season 4.

The CW went large on renewals and threw them around the community like Oprah giving away cars. Roswell, New Mexico, Legacies, The Flash, Dynasty, Riverdale, Legends of Tomorrow, Nancy Drew, Walker, and announced that From the Dark season 4 is officially happening.

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It is fascinating to know that before the third season airs that the next chapter is currently in the works. The only question left to answer is that when will In the Dark season 4 happening?

Release Date

The CW hasn’t given an official release date for In the Dark season 4. But considering that the third season hasn’t aired yet, it could be some time before the next chapter arrives. It is going to likely arrive a while in 2022 and then make its way to Netflix a few months afterward.


It is anyone’s guess who will make up the cast of From the Dark season 4, and it will probably heavily depend on what happens at the upcoming iteration. There is a great opportunity Mattfeld will return along with a number of the other regulars. There will probably be some new faces in the mix as well.


No official synopsis has been released by The CW, and it may be sometime before any plot details come out of their next installment. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when In the Dark season 4, and fans will not want to miss a thing when the show comes back.


There are not any trailer for In the Dark season 4, and lovers should most certainly not expect any previews to arrive until much closer to the release date. When a teaser has been lost, we will be sure to discuss it with everyone to help make the hype party started. Until then, fans can relive all of their favorite moment from the episodes on Netflix right now.

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