Cyclists breaks guinness world record after riding for six days

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

A bicycle team that rode around a 1,025 km-long track shaped like a velociraptor broke the world record for the largest GPS drawing. French riders Florent Arnaud, Maxime Brugere, Franck Delorme, Nicolas Meunier, and Jean Roule built the amazing dinosaur track. The time-consuming adventure, which the cyclists completed after planning out the route in 43 hours and 47 minutes, was recorded by the running and cycling GPS Strava.

According to The Daily Mail, the crew decided to attempt the massive cycle after learning that a bike team had already set a record for the longest GPS drawing. They discovered that a group of cyclists had finished a 761-kilometer, heart-shaped ride in 2018, which they thought “looked beatable.”

cyclists in france world record

During the journey, they also traveled through the counties of Cher, Saône-et-Loire, Indre, Nievre, Creuse, and Puy-de-Dome. They did, however, also draw attention to a crucial issue. Brugere told Cycling Weekly. We are both the main contributors to and the main victims of this environmental catastrophe. Therefore, cycling is one of the best methods to effect change. The future is in our control.

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The story behind setting up the world record

The publication claims that Brugere, Arnaud, Delorme, and Meunier traced a 200 km Tyrannosaurus Rex road in the French Loire area in 2020. Creating the first dinosaur track ever. The team decided to attempt the massive ride. After learning that a bike team had previously set a Guinness World Record for the longest GPS drawing, according to the Daily Mail.

guinness world record dinosaur trail

Most of us rarely drive and instead, commute to work each day on bikes. We also travel on our bikes. The benefits of biking instead of driving a car outweigh the many complex problems that global warming and other environmental crises have brought about. It is affordable, avoids the majority of road construction and traffic delays, and is healthy for both physical and mental health.

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