Control Z season 2 Release date.

Insha Fatima
Insha Fatima

Control Z was released a year ago and now it’s back again for another season of hacking, romance &scandakes  Control Z is a Mexican Teen Drama series that was released on 22 May 2020. The series is based on a hacker who hacks and collects all the secrets from a student’s phone and provokes them to follow the hacker’s order in order to protect themselves. It was created by  Carlos Quintanilla Sakar, Adriana Pelusi, and Miguel Garca MorenoMoreno for Netflix . The first season was really a hit and it had 8 episodes and the audience really enjoyed the suspense, thriller, and teen drama.

Control Z season 2 release date.

Control Z season 1 left its fans on a cliffhanger season 1 was officially released on 22 May 2020 on Netflix and it created a buzz because of its plot and storyline. So after creating so much suspense Control Z is back again after the official trailer was released the premiere date is also announced it will be premier on 4 th August 2021.

Control Z plot

In the first episode itself, it’s cleared that there is a hacker who is forcing the students of National schools to spill their friends’ secrets. Control Z’s season 1 plot was full of suspense, thrill, and betrayal. In season 1 we see how every student in order to protect themselves and their secrets are ready to sacrifice their as we see in the first few episodes itself how the most popular girl of the Isabela (Zion Moreno) is trans, Pablo (Andres Baida) is a cheater&Raul (Yankel Stevan) is hiding his family’s illegal means of earning money. The season will most likely follow the footsteps of season 1 and the doubts about Raul being the hacker will likely be more clear. And as Luis is death we see someone is trying to revenge his death. Raul will be back at college and more likely would get harassed for his previous deeds. Also in the trailer, there is a hint of a love triangle between Raul, Sofia &Javier. Also as shown in the trailer there might be some revenge killing.

Control Z Cast

The cast is most likely to be the same as that of season  1

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1 Sofia played by Ana Valeria the main silent lonely protagonist.

2  Javier Williams played by Michael Ronda

3 Pablo played by Andres Baida

4  Isabela played by Zión Moreno

5  Natalia played by Samantha Acuña

Control Z Official Trailer

Netflix officially released the trailer of Control Z season 2 on YouTube and the trailer looks very interesting and the 2 mins trailer end with a quote “You can’t, bury the past”. Watch the official trailer now.

LINK: Official trailer

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