“Cobra Kai”: Who Will Win The All Valley Karate Tournament In Season 4

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

The “Karate Kid” franchise returned in a big way thanks to “Cobra Kai” with a refreshing story that had ended after the All Valley Tournament between Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence. Now, it seems that everything will end the same way since in season 4 of the series this tournament will be the main conflict between all the characters.

After two seasons debuted on YouTube Premium and found a large audience, Netflix acquired the series. The first two seasons hit the streaming service in 2020, and ” Cobra Kai ” soon became more popular, making the launch of season 3 a huge success for the platform.

Now that “Cobra Kai” season 3 is over and fans have wrapped up the final batch of episodes, all eyes are on the future. The season 3 finale of “ Cobra Kai ” saw the war of the dojos escalate to new heights, with Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang teaming up to fight Cobra Kai.

Everything will be decided in a ‘ fair’ way, at the next All Valley Karate Tournament, but nothing will be easy. Fans know that more than one of the contestants has something to prove in that tournament, both for themselves and for the public, so it is difficult to know who will win in the end. For Screenrant, this is also not clear, but certain participants will shine more than the rest.

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1. Miguel Diaz

One of the favorites to win the new All Valley Karate Tournament is the current champion, Miguel Díaz. As the protagonist of the show, he has had his arc of growth, going from being an abused young man at his school to becoming a complete Karate fighter.

However, he still suffers from the aftermath of the coma he suffered in season 2 of ” Cobra Kai .” Yes, in season 3 he got up and made great progress, but fans still don’t know he will be ready to compete when the moment of truth comes. In the end, he may not make it through the first round, or he may surprise everyone as Daniel did at the time.

2. Robby Keene

Like Miguel, Robby has had a very bumpy season 3 of “ Cobra Kai ”. He went from being a Miyagi-Do student prodigy to almost a murderer, being abused in the juvenile hall and disappointed by both Daniel and Johnny. Not only that, but he discovered Miguel and Sam coming back together right under his nose.

For him the whole world has betrayed him, so John Kreese will have a lot of anger to channel in his brutal Cobra Kai style. Combined with some military techniques, Robby could be the next All Valley champion, or he could redeem himself at the last minute and fight just for sport. Either way, he is a tough opponent that others must defeat.

3. Samantha LaRusso

Although Sam hasn’t had much screen time fighting, there is no question that she is one of the more experienced fighters on ” Cobra Kai .” He’s spent his entire life training alongside his dad, so he could easily beat anyone if he added some Johnny attacking moves to his repertoire.

As if that weren’t enough, her season 3 arc was overcoming the fear she felt when confronting Tory, something she finally managed to do by understanding that she didn’t have to stop being afraid, but rather control it. This makes her even more dangerous for All Valley’s Torney, and she could return the title to the LaRusso family.

4. Tory Nichols

Like Miguel with Robby, Tory is the opposite of Sam, so she has a lot to prove in season 4 of ” Cobra Kai. ” The last two fights against his nemesis have not had a clear winner, so he will wait for the All Valley Tournament to arrive to get revenge once and for all on Sam. She is an innate fighter, as described by K

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