China defends move to block table of JeM operative as a global terrorist

Insha Fatima
Insha Fatima

Over the once many days, China has set up itself in the center of several geo-political enterprises linked in different ways to India- from the boundary issue in Ladakh to a brewing conflict in Taiwan. Having moved to block India’s shot to designate Abdul Rauf Asghar- one of the engineers of the 1998 IC 814 kidnapping – as a global terrorist, Beijing on Saturday said that it needs further time to’ precisely estimate’ the content. These developments also come amid raising pressures over a Chinese’ asset’ boat’s plan to dock at a Sri Lankan harborage coming week.

China has set up itself in the middle of geopolitical enterprises. All those enterprises are veritably much connected to India from the boundary issue in Ladakh to a brewing conflict in Taiwan. Abdul Rauf Asghar one of the engineers of the 1988 IC 814 kidnapping – as a global terrorist said that it needs time to estimate the content precisely. These developments came raising pressures over a Chinese asset boat’s plan to dock at a Sri Lankan harborage coming week.

India on 12th August called China to not alter the status quo around Taiwan and advised that the current situation shouldn’t lead to any unilateral action.

During a footloose press conference in the public capital, Ambassador Sun Weidong claimed that the Taiwan issue was an” internal matter” to be resolved by the Chinese people. As per his understanding, India’s ‘One China’ policy hasn’t changed. He made a statement hoping to reiterate support for the same principle.

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His station on the ongoing border row at the Line of factual Control still was kindly

different, contending that this boundary issue between the neighbors was a “literal burden left by the social rule” wholly different from the Taiwan row.

Weidong said, India and China have a boundary disagreement, which is a fact and he believes that these issues are to be resolved through dialogue and discussion. He demands a fair and mutually respectable result and suggests maintaining peace and tranquility along the border. He further added that this is a boundary disagreement. Not the kind of territorial disagreement with China where other forces are trying to separate a part of China.

As numerous as 16 rounds of commander-position addresses and advancement have taken place at some disunion points at the LAC amid reports of China erecting a massive structure in the border areas. India’s External Affairs minister S Jaishankar has said that the border situation between India and China continues to remain tense and the relationship can not be expected until the situation eases. There has been no evidence that the two leaders, Chinese chairman Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold a meeting in Uzbekistan.

India and the United States wanted Pakistan- grounded Jaish-e-Mohammed( JeM) deputy principal Abdul Rauf Azhar to be designated as a transnational terrorist at the UN Security Council. still, China, an endless proscription-applying member and a close supporter of Pakistan has stalled the move. According to Weidong, the country needs further time to dissect the table operation.

China takes part in the work of panels in a formative and responsible manner, according to the commission rules and procedures. Members of the commission can put on hold terrorist designation table, this is a common practice. China is willing to work with all the countries in the world to combat the imminence of transnational terrorism.


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