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The story behind the start-up CosmoGene founded by Dr M.Sai Babu and Rizwan Younus

If you’re someone who has just started to notice the first signs

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How Asma Gulzar Continues To Strengthen Her Legacy in The Indian Fashion Industry

Asma Gulzar emerged as a designer back in 2003 when she was

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The most accurate Predictor, Deepika Sahani

Deepika Sahani born in Kanpur, brought up in Daman and currently residing

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MBA Chai Wala’s Net Worth Reaches Rs. 3 Crores in Just 4 Years

No work is small or big - if your dreams are high,

Insha Fatima Insha Fatima

Durgesh Singh Kushwah -a revolutionary entrepreneur and a cybersecurity professional who is leading the industry ahead with his abilities

Durgesh Singh Kushwah is a cyber-security expert and entrepreneur. He founded FGS

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Acclaimed Haryanvi producer Inderjeet Singh Rao’s Latest Song,”BIRTHDAY” Released on Gem Tunes

It’s celebration time for the music lovers! Haryanvi producer Inderjeet Singh Rao

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British Actor Zain Ullah secures lead role in horror film ‘24 Hours In Leeds’

Manchester born actor Zain Ullah has secured a leading role in a

Ronnie Robbins Ronnie Robbins

Ria Sarkar – Founder at Xperteez Technologies changing the landscape of the start-up world

Indian, startup ecosystem is rapidly evolving with the increased involvement of women

Seema Rai Seema Rai

RailMitra Introduced Pre-Book Train Meal Feature Amid Festive Rush

Rail information tracking AI-enabled platform, RailMitra has introduced an exclusive section to

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In Conversation with Sanjay Dua -The Man Behind Changing the Dynamics of Coaching with Mindfulness

Learning is a life-long process and age is no-bar to it. The

Chris Steward Chris Steward