Arman Khan’s Successful Journey as a Entrepreneur, Director, Producer & Venture Capitalist

Ronnie Robbins
Ronnie Robbins

Arman Khan is a prominent figure in the media, film, and television industry working as a director, scriptwriter, producer, and entrepreneur. He was born on March 1st, 1980 in Delhi, India, and currently follows the Islamic religion. As an Indian National, he completed his Bachelor of Information Technology from Aligarh Muslim University.

In 2005, Arman began his career as a model and has since directed many television series for Indian television. His favorite personalities include Salman Khan, Arijit, and KK.

Arman Khan has achieved considerable success as a venture capitalist, director, and entrepreneur, amassing a significant net worth. He is a young and charismatic individual who has made a significant impact in the Indian entertainment industry. His passion and dedication to his work have earned him the respect of many people in the industry.

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Arman Khan has more than 20 years of experience in the media, film, and television industry. He has worked in production, direction, acting, and television for ETV Urdu, India TV, Punjab Today, Join Venture in Dubai With Balle Balle Music Channel. Additionally, he has over 20 years of experience in events and stagecraft, as well as the fashion and modelling industry.

Arman Khan’s successful ventures include WeTel TV UAE, which provides 24/7 live telecast of UAE current affairs, available on Etisalat Elife channel no. 336 in UAE. DAC Advertising & Sign UAE is another venture, providing a one-stop solution and service company for all your advertising needs. Additionally, WeTel Golf UAE is a venture that organizes golf tournaments.

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