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Wash Your Scalps as Frequently as You Do Your Face?

Most of us wash our faces twice a day, but many of

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Distinction Between an Oily and a Greasy Scalp?

If dry shampoo is your go-to hair product, you've probably had your

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How Your Hair Changes With Age and How to Take Care of It

It's not just in your head if you think your hair used

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How to Tell If You Need a New Hairbrush

Examine your hairbrush carefully. You probably use it every day, but it

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What Effect Does Tap Water Have on Our Hair and Skin?

To wash your face, rinse off your hair conditioner in the shower,

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How to Prevent Pollution Damage to Your Hair

Several factors can influence a good hair day, including genes, diet, hormones,

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Is Milk the Answer to Brighter, Hydrated Skin?

Could skincare really be that easy? It's been used as a beauty

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What You Should Know About Dry Cleansing

Although it may appear to be the simplest step in your skincare

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Stress? 5 Unusual Stress-Relieving Techniques

Stress is a common and predictable aspect of life. Many of us

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Things about Dwayne Johnson that you probably don’t know

Dwayne Johnson, also known as "The Rock," is a true icon in

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